Car Accidents, Copper Theft, and More in Week in Review

There were a ton of interesting stories in town this passed week. I don’t think you need to be reminded about the snow or the brutal temperatures, so we’ll keep it on the crime/business side of things.

Toilet Issue, Stolen Hockey Sticks and a Copper Theft in Police Logs: Stolen hockey sticks, copper and more in the Weekly Police Logs.

Multiple Car Accidents in Stoneham Last Week: Keep up to date with Stoneham’s finest.  

When is Kindergarten Registration in Stoneham?: The Stoneham Public Schools are currently accepting registration for Preschool and Kindergarten next September.

Jon Needs a New Heart: Jon needs a new heart, but it’s a long road to transplant.

Fifth Middlesex Race Heats Up: See who's running to replace Katherine Clark.


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