Hey Stoneham, Where Do You Celebrate the Fourth of July?

Kerplunk, kerplooey. Stoneham has no celebration. So where do you go?

Fireworks. Credit: Patch file photo
Fireworks. Credit: Patch file photo
Stoneham is one of the few towns around that has no celebration for the Fourth of July. It's quiet on Independence Day-no fireworks sky rocking overhead or parades marching through the neighborhood. 

Do you wish Stoneham had a celebration for the Fourth of July? Would you go? 

More importantly, Stoneham, where do you go to enjoy fireworks, parades and all that surrounds the festive holiday each year? What's your favorite town or spot around here? 
Patricia June 24, 2014 at 08:48 AM
Like everything else in Stoneham, we leave town because there's no reason to stay. It would be nice if they could arrange fireworks over by Spot Pond. Maybe fundraise throughout the year...


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