South Elementary Open Tuesday

South Elementary School will reopen after a pipe burst on the third floor on Saturday morning. 

Superintendent Dr. Les Olson asked that parents give the school an extra hour to prepare for classes. "We can supervise children if parents need to drop their kids off at the normal school hours," Olson said. "But if you can hold off, we ask for a delayed opening."
Celia Jones January 07, 2014 at 05:55 AM
South School is a disaster! No surprise the pipes burst look at the people running the building & maintaining it. When will Olson learn! From no CORI being done on the Director of Special Education, Steve Orloff, charged with soliciting sex online with a minor (8 more victims to add to that list!), to allowing convicts to willingly have access to the building to rob employees and now pipes bursting! When will they learn?


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