SEEM Collaborative, Stoneham Theatre Leases Taken Up By School Committee

There were a variety of other topics on the table during the Stoneham School Committee's recent meeting.

The Stoneham School Committee tackled a handful of matters at it's most recent session on April 28, including:

Kindergarten Registration Adjustments

Kindergarten registration is underway, with potential changes still possible for what will be a new time format for the system’s next term.

Superintendent Les Olson recommended to the committee that they stick with the current number of half-time and full-time programs despite lower than expected registration figures, citing the hopes for creating long-term stability in the format of the programs.

However, children registered after the committee adopted their new scheduling policy early in March may find themselves at elementary schools outside of their neighborhoods. Olson noted that only 26 registrations had occurred so far for the Robin Hood Elementary School, a number below expectations.

If voluntary transfers into schools with lower enrollment numbers aren’t made by parents, the district may find itself forced to place children in schools in other parts of town to maintain level class sizes throughout town.

Parents can also request placement into preschools in other districts through forms available on the Stoneham Schools website.

SEEM Collaborative Lease Extension

The will not be renewing leases with the district for the North and East Schools next year due to upcoming agreements with Melrose, however they have asked for an extension on their current lease until the end of August to extend their summer school programs.

No decision has yet been made on the fate of the North and East schools, which will revert to the school district's control in October. The decision for the summer extension, which was made unanimously by the committee, netted the district $30,000.

While they are leaving the North and East Schools, the SEEM Collaborative will continue to operate the Central School next fall.

Minor Changes To Stoneham Theatre Lease

Minor revisions regarding a lease with elementary and middle school programs at the were discussed.

The primary additions to the lease concerned supervision from Theatre personnel whenever children or school staff will be present except in emergency situations and a notice regarding the return of equipment to safe operating conditions after their use for the programs.

Four of the five School Committee members approved the change in the lease, with abstaining due to her leadership role with the Stoneham Theatre Guild.

The lease is set to run from May 1 to June 30, 2012, with an option for renewal.


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