Whiz Kid of the Week: Tiffany Lopinsky

The 18-year-old Stoneham High School graduate will be attending Harvard in the fall, and she currently serves as the Deputy Campaign Manager for State Rep. Jason Lewis.

Whiz Kid of the Week

  • Tiffany Lopinsky, 18
  •  graduate, future Harvard University student
  • Accomplishment: Lopinsky is interning as the Deputy Campaign Manager for State Rep. Jason Lewis.

Lopinsky handles a variety of duties as Deputy Campaign Manager for Lewis.

“Usually they include things like checking our email, keeping up-to-date on the local news and most importantly calling and canvassing,” Lopinsky said. “We try to contact as many constituents as possible either by calling them on the phone or knocking on their doors to see what issues are important to them. It may be tiring, but it is a great opportunity to interact with voters and see what local issues are affecting them.”

Lopinsky also spends most of her time planning events for Lewis.

“Right now, the other interns and I are planning a youth event,” Lopinsky said. “We really want to get high school upperclassmen and college students more involved in politics, so we are working hard to come up with something that will encourage the young people in our town to vote.”

According to Lopinsky, there have been many great aspects of working for Jason Lewis, but most importantly she stressed all of the knowledge she gained during the experience.

“I really appreciate that Jason (Lewis) always takes the time to make our time working for him a great learning experience,” Lopinsky said. “Whether it is a local issue or a term we are unfamiliar with, even when Jason is busy, he will never hesitate to explain something to us to help us get more out of time working either on the campaign or at the State House.”

Even with negative political campaigns and corruption in politics found in news today, Lopinsky said that Lewis has taught her that it is possible to stay positive and really focus on the issues that concern voters.

“I see through all of the work he does how much he truly cares about the people in Stoneham and Winchester that he represents,” Lopinsky said. “He inspires me to go into politics someday because I know that if I work hard, I really can make a huge difference.”

Lopinsky has always been interested in politics, but first became involved in 2011 when she began interning for Lewis.

“I feel that government and politics are extremely important because they affect our lives in so many ways,” Lopinsky said. “That is one of the things that sparked my interest in getting involved.”

Last summer, Lopinsky started interning for Lewis at the State House and she had such a great experience that she continued to intern during the school year.

“It was great to see the process of bills being enacted into law and concerned constituents coming into our office to talk about local issues,” Lopinsky said. “Because I had already had some experience working with Jason, I was chosen to work as the Deputy Campaign Manager. Working on the campaign side of politics is completely different than working at the State House, but I enjoy it just as much.”


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