Stoneham High School Students Intern with State Sen. Katherine Clark

Summer intern project helps office go green.

[Editor's note: The following information derives from a press statement issued by Sen Katherine Clark's Office.]

Senator Katherine Clark has been instituting greener practices within her own office by moving towards a “paperless” policy.

The project has been spearheaded by interns Anthony DeAngelo and Alexandra Gerry. The goal of the paperless office is to cut costs, increase efficiency and encourage a more environment friendly workspace.

“The hard work of our Stoneham High School interns has helped our office become more cost effective and eco-friendly,” Clark said. “Anthony and Alexandra have made valuable contributions in my State House office that includes their work on this paperless project. They have demonstrated a proven commitment to public service and are great representatives of the students at Stoneham High School.”

“Paperless offices have both economic and environmental benefits,” Gerry said. “I am proud this summer to help Senator Clark’s State House office accomplish this.”

“Not only is a paperless office economically beneficial, but leads to less trash and overfilled landfills that could lead to other environmental problems,” DeAngelo said. “I am proud to help Senator Clark make this transition away from paper to electronic record keeping.”

The benefits of a paperless office are significant. The United States Treasury Department has made a similar shift on a larger scale by setting a goal of electronic invoicing by the end of 2012 – a move predicted to save taxpayers $7 million annually. 


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