Selectmen's Race: What Would You Bring to the Board of Selectmen?

In this special town election series, candidates for the Wakefield Board of Selectmen will answer a series of questions over the next two weeks, leading up to the April 26 election.

In the 2011 Wakefield town elections, three candidates vie for two open seats in the Board of Selectmen's race: Incumbents Betsy Sheeran and Patrick Glynn, and challenger Richard Wood. Over the next two weeks, Wakefield Patch will be running each candidate's answer to five questions, presented side-by-side. Answers have not been edited or modified by Wakefield Patch, except for format.

Question: What do you feel you would bring to the Wakefield Board of Selectmen?

Richard Wood:
Thirty six years ago I stood before the citizens of Wakefield and asked them to entrust in me their faith as I endeavored to become a member of the Wakefield School Committee. In return I promised them that I would "Learn""Listen" and "Serve."  Learn as much as I could about state policy and regulations as they pertain to education in Massachusetts. Listen to all concerns of all citizens and promise to keep their views and their best interest at heart before casting each vote.
Serve not one particular group or organization but each and every citizen, group, and organization the same way. With Commitment to ensuring their children receive a Quality Education with a Quality Teaching Staff in a Healthy Quality Atmosphere known as "The Public School System. The citizens of Wakefield gave me that trust and I served two terms. I was up to the challenge then and I am up to the challenge now as I ask the citizens of Wakefield to support my candidacy for the Board of Selectman. These are extremely difficult times that are calling for "Committed Proven Leadership" and that is why I am asking the voters of Wakefield to cast one of your two votes on Tuesday April 26, 2011 to elect Richard A. Wood for Selectman.

Betsy Sheeran:
I feel that I bring experience, creative thinking and solutions, institutional knowledge, leadership skills and a fair point of view to the Board of Selectmen.  I have been Chair of the School Committee, Chair of the Housing Authority and Chair of the Board of Selectmen. I am a homeowner, taxpayer, former owner of three successful businesses and a retired educator.  I am open to suggestions, I respect others' points of view and I am willing to work with the gentlemen with whom I serve so that the residents and taxpayers of Wakefield have the quality of life that they deserve - a safe community, a well-maintained community and a viable community.

Patrick Glynn:
I believe my professional experience in commercial real estate—specifically in budget management, the management of people, and my knowledge and experience with the operation of buildings and building systems—is of great benefit to the Town. I also have used my experience gained while serving on the Zoning Board of Appeals, and the Town Property Assessment Committee and most recently as a member of the Board of Selectmen.


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