Selectmen: No Beer or Wine Sold at South Street Mobil Station

The Board of Selectmen overturned a vote to allow the sale of beer and wine at the Spot Pond Mobile Station on South Street and Main Street.

The heads of several Departments in town wrote letters of concern as a form of petition against the sale of beer and wine at the gas station. Issues of traffic, a lack of parking spaces and the general concern of minors taking beverages were voiced in letter form from various town officials. There was also a petition with about 150 signatures from townspeople against the sale of beer and wine.

Chief of Police James McIntyre spoke before the Board, voicing concerns with the lack of a delivery area, making traffic congestion a concern. He said that traffic accidents are common on Main and South Street and the sale of alcohol would create more traffic in the area. The issue of minors getting their hands on alcohol was the largest concern of the police and many other members of the audience voiced.

The applicant, storeowner Arthur Sorillo said he wouldn’t want to give himself the license given how much outcry the public voiced. “I’m just trying to make a living, had no intention of doing anything wrong. No need to gang up and say I’m doing something bad when I applied for a license that was available.”

Both Selectmen and members of the audience assured Sorillo that their decisions were nothing personal, but the safety of drivers and children were their concerns.

The Board voted unanimously against issuing the license. 


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