Remembering Hurricane Irene – One Year Later

While Hurricane Irene battered the East Coast a year ago, Massachusetts dealt with the brunt of a downgraded Tropical Storm Irene.

A year ago today, Hurricane Irene battered the East Coast and left destruction across the Northeast. 

While Stoneham was largely spared from the destruction caused by Hurricane Irene in other states, some local homes and vehicles did sustain damage by Tropical Storm Irene.

"I had a big limb of a tree crushing the back window and trunk of my car and denting the front of the other car in the driveway in Stoneham," wrote reader Amanda on our then-. "I called a window replacement company but it had been busy all day. We put a tarp over it so the rain did not get in. What a mess to clean up."

Check out our then- coverage of Tropical Storm Irene for update from around the Stoneham region.

Here's additional storm coverage:


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