No Recycling=No Trash Pickup: Part of the New Trash Regulations in Stoneham

Stoneham talks trash.

Stoneham trash. Credit: Patch file photo
Stoneham trash. Credit: Patch file photo

Starting on June 30, the town's selectmen impose changes to trash and recycling regulations in Stoneham. 

As of that date, trash collection is limited to 90 gallons per household, and no individual container can be more than 50 pounds. Also, loose trash will not be accepted, and trash cannot overflow the rim of the containers. 

One item per week that is not more than 50 items will be picked up in addition to the 90-pound trash limit. Fees apply. 

Recycling, too, is now weekly, unlimited and mandatory. Bins and containers are collected each week on regular trash day. If your recycling is not put out, your trash won't get picked up. 

Find out complete information here, and also contact information should you have questions about the new policies. 

Resident and Patch reader Bill Previdi provided commentary last week on Stoneham Patch in reaction to a public meeting regarding trash proposals by Hilts and JRM. 

Spartan94 June 23, 2014 at 10:50 AM
Why doesn't the Selectmen look to other cities that have successful trash and recycling pickup. Most cities have had these weekly services in place for 20 years. What others do well: 1. Containers: The city needs to supply the trash containers to residents. There should be 2 different sizes "family size" and "apartment or single size". Charged accordingly. Do not make residents buy trash containers from local hardware stores, prices are ridiculous. 2. Recycle: Congrats for making 2014 the year we do weekly recycle pickup. Now we are caught up to the rest of the country. You cannot force people to recycle. You can give them incentives to recycle. Make them pay for the weekly service even if they don't have it out. 3. Bulky Item pickup: Allowed once per month for free. Otherwise, pay small fee to pickup. 4. Yard waste: Maybe one day you will have "green" containers for yard waste pickup. Most cities have been doing this for years.
Angelo June 23, 2014 at 11:17 AM
Matt - I think the intent of this is to increase recycling & reduce trash fraud (massive cleanouts & contractors who bring their "work trash" home & dispose of it on our dime) so that the trash fee can be reduced & eventually eliminated. May not be perfect but I think its a step in the right direction & think the trash committee did a good job getting community input. Also, the selectmen/women don't have much say in trash policy - thats the domain of the DPW & TA, for right or wrong...
Tara June 23, 2014 at 11:41 AM
To clarify some points from comments above - the town of Stoneham does have yard waste pick up (9 times a year) and now at Steven Street is expanded to have a cardboard container & rigid plastic container. The intent of limiting trash to 90 gallons a week was not to punish residents but to get cost down. By offering the single stream, unlimited, weekly recycling that should help alleviate that limit to 90 gallons. If you think about what is thrown away guaranteed most of that can be recycled. Most of what is currently thrown away in the town of Stoneham is recyclable. Yes, it will take some effort and getting used to. Recycling is actually a mandatory State Law; not a town law. See http://www.massrecycle.org/getinvolved/advocacy/mandatory-municipal-recycling And to Angelo’s comment that I agree with if you happened to be out and about during trash pickup day some residents would pretty much empty their apartments on move out day and leave it curb side. Also you can use a current barrel, container, or even laundry basket to throw out your recyclables as long as they are marked “recycled” – free stickers at DPW. Check out the town website for more info http://www.stoneham-ma.gov/the-commons-at-weiss-farm/urgent-alerts/residential-trash-recycling-service-stoneham-ma
Russ June 23, 2014 at 04:36 PM
So 'somebody' doesn't want to take responsibility for the trash fiasco. I can see why they would prefer to remain anonymous. The three amigos have shunned responsibility for the very matters that they were elected to manage. It has become untenable to blame the town administrator and the town counsel for the mess you created by your not doing the work needed to analyze the trash needs of the town. A significant part of the FB vote on the trash company selection issue was due to the fact that professional analysis was non-existent. Given that circumstance, why would we seriously consider following the recommendation of those who seek to perpetuate the past. Also, just a passing thought on a possible solution to this competency issue ... let's discontinue the friends and family program when contract time comes around.


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