Already on Thin Ice, Gold Buyers Faces More Troubles

A cash for gold business at the mall is accused of not accepting the correct ID from a customer after facing similar accusations in October.

Already on thin ice, Gold Buyers at the Mall is now facing new accusations that it failed to accept the correct identification from a customer.

On Thursday, Police Chief Neil Ouellette told the Board of Selectmen that the second-hand gold and jewelry business at Liberty Tree Mall allegeldy accepted a Brazil passport as ID from a customer selling them an item.

That violates the town's bylaws, which allow only four forms of ID - a state-issued driver's license, Massachusetts state ID, military ID or a U.S. passport.

"She believed the passport was OK," Oullette said about the store manager.

While it's one violation from November, what complicates the situation for the business was a seven day suspension that board handed out to the business in October that was held in abeyance for a year.

Now, the board will decide whether the store violated the town's bylaws in November and then decide what to do about the suspension it has hanging over its head.

Town Clerk Joe Collins, Town Manager Wayne Marquis and Oullette have met with Town Counsel to review how the hearings would be handled.

"They would have to be found 'guilty' on the new charge first," Collins said.

The suspension hanging over Gold Buyers' head comes from the result of a hearing in October where Danvers Police said that over the period of a month in May and June where the business had taken identification not allowed by the town bylaws on six different occasions.

In those instances, the store took foreign licenses and expired licenses and, on one occasions, a Costco membership card as ID.

As part of the sale, the store is required to make a copy of the ID. In the previous instances, the copies were unreadable too, Oullette said previously.

A hearing on the latest charges has been scheduled for Feb. 5.


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