Police Booking Log: Drug Deal in Stop & Shop Parking Lot

The following arrest information was supplied by the Somerville Police Department. It does not indicate a conviction.

Arrests made by the Somerville Police Department from Oct. 8 to Oct. 13. Please remember that the charges listed below do not indicate a conviction.

Larceny, theft and shoplifting

On Oct. 11, Rodrigo Teixeira, 33, of 138 Elm St., was arrested at 77 Middlesex Ave. and charged with shoplifting and furnishing a false name or social security number.

On Oct. 13, Joseph Cabral, 50, of 79 Heath St., was arrested at 75 Mystic Ave. and charged with shoplifting and possession of a dangerous weapon.

Drug-related arrests

On Oct. 8, Rowena Golay, 56, of Randolph, was arrested at 775 McGrath Highway and charged with drug distribution, conspiracy to violate drug law and forging an RMV document. Justin White, 30, of Boston, was also arrested and charged with drug distribution and conspiracy to violate drug law. .

On Oct. 12, Anthony Iovanna, 24, of Winthrop, was arrested at 34 Clarendon Ave. and charged with drug possession, driving with a suspended license, furnishing a false name or social security number, and failure to wear a seatbelt.

On Oct. 12, James Coco, 37, of 40 Harvard St., was arrested on Bond Street and charged with drug possession. He was also arrested on warrants for speeding, driving with a suspended registration, driving an uninsured vehicle or traler, driving with a suspended license and not being in possession of a license. According to a police report, police observed a pickup truck circling the parking lot of Stop & Shop off McGrath Highway. The truck picked up a man in the parking lot, drove to Blakeley Avenue and back into the parking lot, and undercover officers observed what appeared to be a drug deal. When they pulled the truck over on McGrath Highway, they found Suboxone and Percocet pills, according to the police report.

Driving without a license

On Oct. 12, Mark Hernandez, 53, of Boston, was arrested on Broadway and charged with driving with a suspended license.

Other arrests

On Oct. 10, Lemus Arevalo, 31, was arrested at 219 Broadway and charged with open and gross lewdness. He is accused of urinating in public.

In connection to the same incident, Fernando Gonzalez, 40, was arrested at 219 Broadway and charged with disorderly conduct. He is accused of agressively panhandling and disturbing pedestrians, and he allegedly demanded money from an undercover police officer.

Warrant arrests

On Oct. 8, Ryan Moran, 21, of Charlestown, was arrested at 5 Middlesex Ave. on warrants for breaking and entering and larceny.

On Oct. 8, Derek Agresti, 42, was arrested at 400 Somerville Ave. on warrants for destruction of property, disorderly conduct and breaking and entering.

On Oct. 9, David Mitzen, 45, of Medford, was arrested at 299 Broadway on a warrant for trespassing.

On Oct. 11, Antonio Rodrigues, 36, of 19 Rhode Island Ave., was arrested at 750 Broadway on a warrant for unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle.

On Oct. 11, Jason Dodge, 42, was arrested at 10 Sewall St. on warrants for disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and assault with a dangerous weapon.

On Oct. 12, a juvenile was arrested at 40 River Rd. on warrants for destruction of property and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.


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