UPDATED: PHOTOS: Stoneham Cardiologist Believes "Demand Event" Triggered Daniel Kerrigan's Fatal Heart Attack

Day two of the manslaughter trial started Tuesday morning in Woburn Superior Court.

Updated at 3:30 p.m.

A neck injury sustained by Daniel Kerrigan, the father of Olympic figure skater Nancy Kerrigan, during a struggle with his son may have set in motion the fatal heart attack suffered by Daniel Kerrigan last year at his home in Stoneham, according to a cardiologist testifying for the prosecution.

Mark Kerrigan, of Stoneham, is accused of causing the death of his 70-year-old father Daniel Kerrigan during a struggle Jan. 24, 2010. Prosecutors claim that Mark Kerrigan is responsible for his father's death after he allegedly injured the elder Kerrigan by grabbing his throat with such force that he damaged the left side of his larynx.

Mark Kerrigan is on trial for involuntary manslaughter and assault and battery on a person over the age of 60.

Dr. Khether Raby, who treated Daniel Kerrigan for several years and has a Stoneham-based practice and works in connection with Winchester Hospital, reviewed the autopsy report and believes Daniel Kerrigan suffered a "demand event" during the altercation with his son. The cardiologist explained that a demand event is when the heart needs to pump blood at a much higher rate than normal, such as when you help a friend to move a refridgerator up a flight of stairs.

In this case, the demand event would be the larynx injury suffered by Daniel Kerrigan, whose heartbeat increased while at the same time experienced a spike in blood pressure. Daniel Kerrigan's significantly blocked arteries were unable to recover and led to his deadly heart attack, according to Raby's testimony.

During cross examination by Defense Attorney Janice Bassil, Raby testified that he wasn't aware of the signifcant blockage that existed in Daniel Kerrigan's three major arteries. He explained that he typically recommends bipass surgery for individuals with significantly blocked arteries; however, most patients decline the procedure due to the medical risks involved including suffering a stroke mid-operation that could result in death.

Updated at 1:05 p.m:

Police Officers Jonathan Mahoney and Kenneth Bowditch testified that Mark Kerrigan grabbed Daniel Kerrigan by the neck and pushed him to the floor. Bowditch said that Mark Kerrigan told him that he thought his father was faking it.

Mark Kerrigan was very uncooperative when officers tried to escort him from the basement, upstairs and to the cruiser after being read his Miranda rights and being placed in handcuffs, said Bowditch.

Bowditch recalled Mark Kerrigan swearing at officers and refusing to put on slippers, and that they had to carry him out of the basement. After trying to prevent officers from getting him up the stairs, Mark Kerrigan shifted his weight and fell onto the floor, recounted Bowditch.

Mark Kerrigan became belligerent, yelling and screaming and was placed in a jail cell to cool off, according to Bowditch. He was later transported to Melrose-Wakefield Hospital after being spotted on a dispatch monitor vomiting on his jail cell bed, stated Bowditch.

Mahoney, Bowditch and Stoneham Police Sgt. David Thistle testified that Mark Kerrigan was very uncooperative and flailing his arms around, but never fought with or struck officers.

Posted at 12:27 p.m.

Day two of Stoneham resident Mark Kerrigan's manslaughter trial kicked off Tuesday morning in Woburn Superior Court with a motion filed by the defense for a mistrial.

The defense tried to get Middlesex Superior Judge S. Jane Haggerty to declare a mistrial over comments used by the prosecution tied to Brenda Kerrigan about the struggle between Daniel Kerrigan and Mark Kerrigan, but the prosecution said they were just characterizations of the incident during opening statements and not testimony of Brenda Kerrigan. The mistrial request was denied by the judge.

Mark Kerrigan of Stoneham is accused of causing the death of his 70-year-old father Daniel Kerrigan following a struggle Jan. 24, 2010. He is on trial for involuntary manslaughter and assault and battery on a person over the age of 60.

The prosecution's witnesses this morning are Stoneham Police Officer Jonathan Mahoney and Stoneham cardiologist Khether Raby. Mahoney's testimony is a continuation from Monday's courtroom session.

It is still not known if Mark Kerrigan's sister, Olympic figure skater Nancy Kerrigan of Lynnfield will be called to testify.

(Check back for more updates from Tuesday's proceedings.)


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