Ten Places to Stock Up on Supplies Ahead of Hurricane Irene

Check out the Stoneham-based businesses that have the various items you may need if the hurricane proves to be problematic this weekend.

Looking to have adequate supplies of food, drinks and supplies in case Hurricane Irene proves to cause problems in New England? Check out these 10 Stoneham businesses for the various items you may want to have on hand should the storm be stronger than expected:

1. : Matches, flashlights, utility pumps and other necessities are sold at this store.

2. : They've got board games to keep your mind off the TV should the power go out.

3-4. , : Stock up on the bread, eggs and milk, as the French Toast alert level is high. They've also got candles, matches and batteries, to name a few things.

5. : Plenty of reading material can be purchased from this bookstore in case there is no electricity to power the TV.

6. : If the electricity stays on, swing by this video game store to pick up some XBox360 or Wii games, for example.

7-9. , , : Have all your other storm-related supplies and just looking to kick back and relax with a good mixed drink? This trio of liquor stores have you covered.

10. : This place has plenty of snacks that don't need to be refrigerated should you lose electricity, including chocolates, and also sells magazines.

Daniel Olivio August 27, 2011 at 03:29 AM
McDonough's has been closed for months, but Center Beverage next to Felicia's is still there!
Mark Ouellette August 27, 2011 at 06:03 AM
Thanks for the note, Daniel. We've removed the business directory listing and updated our list. Mark Ouellette Editor, Stoneham


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