Take A Spin to Ride.Studio.Café

Take an afternoon break to the Lexington-based café for the spirit of the cycling sport combined with great coffee and fine chocolate.

Each week in our "Great Escape" column, we tell you about one great idea to give you a much-deserved break and make your life a little easier, maybe a whole lot easier—and at least a little bit more fun.

With summer in full swing that means the Minuteman Bikeway will be filling with more than just the hardcore year-round riders. 

For any rider, or coffee-sipper for that matter, , 1720 Massachusetts Ave., Lexington, is a great resource. Invite a friend for conversation and a latte, and start planning your cycling journeys. Or, have your bike tuned up or repaired. 

The shop combines some of life’s greatest highs, the sport of spinning, and indulging the love of caffeine, and for a limited time: chocolate.

Ride.Studio.Café offers exquisite fine and raw chocolates from a New York-based chocolatier. The organic chocolate specialties include bonbon bar, sea salt and raspberry.

So escape to Ride.Studio.Café and get your bike in tip-top shape and your sweet tooth satiated.


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