Special Permit for Used Car Lot at 140 1/2 Franklin Stree

Here we go again, another night to spend at a town board hearing to protect our homes and why we live in Stoneham!

On Wednesday night, December 4, an application for a used car lot at 140 ½ Franklin St next door to the Assisted Living Facility is scheduled to come before the Planning Board for public hearing. 

The Planning Board convenes at 7 PM in the Hearing Room.   Volunteers are urged to attend and voice your concerns about another bad idea that will negatively impact the Franklin Street residential area for some of the same reasons we oppose the Weiss Farm Project.

The public hearing on 140 ½ Franklin Street is presently scheduled for 7.30 PM



Under Section 7-4 Special Permit the Planning Board should seriously reject this permit.  This site is not an appropriate location for such use or condition. It would be a serious hazard to vehicles and pedestrians due to the proximity to Stoneham High School, Kinder Care, our Future Assisted Living as well as single-family residences and two condominiums and an apartment building.  Remember Franklin St is a two-lane highway connecting Melrose to Stoneham and creates easy access to routes 93 and 128.  Access to a used car lot over Franklin Street is not appropriate.


Please attend the Planning Board meeting December 4th and voice your concerns for the children of our community attending Stoneham High School and Kinder Care as well as future elderly, and disabled residents of the new assisted living to be completed soon.   This type of business in this neighborhood is not in keeping with the area and will devaluate surrounding properties as well as being a safety and potential health hazard.


It is time for us to take back our town and protect our homes and quality of life that all of us as tax payers have worked hard to retain and enjoy.

Mary Lou Bracciotti December 04, 2013 at 09:00 AM
It is frightening to think of how this town has grown like "topsy." Spot zoning has taken the place of planning. Let's hope that the Planning Board will use good judgment this evening and not add to spot zoning on Franklin Street. It's time to be considerate of the neighborhood and the town. It's time to stop the downward spiral of property values in Stoneham. Also, it's time for the town to hire a planner. Last night we heard from our Board of Selectmen that this town cannot afford to hire a planner. WE CANNOT AFFORD NOT TO Hire A PLANNER and that fact becomes more evident with each day that Stoneham stumbles along without a comprehensive plan.
Paula B Sarno December 05, 2013 at 09:04 AM
Thank you to Planning Board and all the public who showed up and stated their concerns about this special permit. It was a relief to learn that only a transfer of license was requested. There will be no used cars on the premises. The permit specifically was recorded that no commercial vehicles of any type would be allowed. Now the question arises will this hold true to the property in the future and if in contempt of the permit will the town officials enforce the restriction. We can only hope in good faith that the licensee will comply unlike a neighboring residence that has several unlicensed vehicles on their property. Town officials have been put on notice of this dwellings lack of compliance. Let's see what happens.


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