Need a "home" by 5/18

I am looking for a "HOME" for my 13-year-old daughter, myself (disabled) mother and one indoor 8-year-old male cat (full disclosure). We have an "MRVP VOUCHER" $1450 (auto deposit to owner and/or property) and my portion from "Disability Income" (fibromyalgia +). We are looking for a real Home to stay and care for as if it were our own! 
I NEED to have a signed lease (or signed agreement) by May 18th or this program will revoke our "MRVP Voucher" forever and we will wind up in a shelter as my disability alone will never cover any rental cost.
So if you will take a leap of faith with us then please let me know,..Thank You for all  considerations,....(afd1022@gmail.com)


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