Moms Council: What Did Your Family Do During the First Snowstorm of the Season?

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What did your family do during the first snowstorm of the season?

From Danica LC:

Unlike everyone I could see cramming the grocery store parking lots, I decided not to get any additional food in case we lost power. I tend to stock up on non-parishables when they are on sale, and my husband jokes that we could survive a month if we had to without going to the store. The only problem with that plan is needing fresh milk for my daughter, which we had plenty of on Saturday.  

We actually took a rare trip to the mall Saturday afternoon, and picked up some new snow boots for my daughter and myself. We had planned to go out to dinner, but once we saw how quickly the snow was coming down we opted to get Thai take-out and have a more peaceful dinner at home than at a restaurant with our toddler.   

Fortunately we did not lose power, and Sunday morning we enjoyed sleeping in a little, followed by a nice breakfast.   

Once my husband had cleared the snow from our driveway, I made my weekly grocery trip. It was heaven, as there were almost no others in the store and it took a lot less time. 

After my daughter's nap, we dressed her in her costume and visited my in-laws for the afternoon and dinner since they too had not lose power.

My day care and office were not as lucky, and thankfully I was able to stay home on Monday since we had no day care. It was a very unexpected and pleasant day with my daughter, and we loved every minute. I made a delicious soup in the crockpot, then dressed her in her costume and brought her to visit her nana and daddy at their work.

From Melisa Thorne:

Snow before Halloween is just wrong, but I live in New England and with that I know the weather here is anything but predictable. I have learned to roll-with-it. 

On the day of the impending storm, I and about 1,500 other Stoneham residents were in the supermarket stocking up on groceries. The crowded aisles and long lines don’t upset me in the least. I fully expect that on the day of a snowstorm it will take me twice as long to get anything accomplished. Being a mother and having to go anywhere with two kids under the age of 5 has prepared me for this inevitability.

The only other thing out of the ordinary that we did was we made sure the snow thrower was gassed up. Then we went about our usual business and waited for the snow. 

My husband and I had plans to get a sitter and visit friends last Saturday, but when I saw the snow coming down heavy by 5 p.m., I began to see visions of a date-night melt away like the snow that landed on our windowsill. Sure enough, by 6 p.m., my babysitter canceled and I really couldn’t blame her. I didn’t want to drive in the snow either.

By 7 p.m., I had built a fire and my pajamas were on. My kids and I cuddled under blankets watching a movie and talked about how we were going to trick-or-treat in the snow.

The following morning, my sister, who lives down the street from me, was at my door with a Crockpot full of chili. Apparently she had lost power when she was making chili for the Patriots game. “My chili needs to be done by kickoff!” she said. I let her plug in, offered her some coffee and we chatted a bit.

The rest of Sunday was business as usual for us. Having not lost power and only getting a few inches of snow, I wasn’t impacted or inconvenienced...well, at least no more than I usually am.


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