Keep the Momentum going in Town Hall

"change” already started why break existing momentum keep Ann Marie O’Neill in as Selectwoman.

Just imagine what she can do in three years if elected since she has accomplished so much in 7-9 months already while in office



You saw her backbone, integrity and professionalism on November 12,2013 when she confronted Corcoran and Company about Weiss Farm and their not meeting with the Board of Selectmen.


You saw her fight to keep liquor licenses from being distributed to Gas Stations and prevented drink up and fill up.


She was instrumental in helping our Senior population with funds for eyeglasses, which are an expense, our Seniors face when on set incomes and Medicare does not provide coverage for.


Since in office she has been pushing for better preventative measures so that are youth do not have easy access to tobacco.


Ann Marie has covered all the residents in our community with no exceptions.  She has covered everyone’s interests and concerns such as

ü  Greenway/Bikeway

ü  Stoneham’s Public Island-beautification

ü  Weiss Farm

ü  Stoneham’s Drug and Alcohol Coalition

ü  Communication between town departments and residents

ü  Pushed for Economic Developer 

ü  Met with local businesses to improve and get more businesses in town

ü  Pushed for revitalization of Stoneham without overloading taxes on home owners

ü  Last but never the least secured funds for eyeglasses for our Senior

Ann Marie O’Neill is “Change” and a breath of fresh air to the Board of Selectmen.

Keep the momentum going re-elect Ann Marie O’Neill and just think what this lady can accomplish in the next 3 years.

Cindy Hemenway March 06, 2014 at 07:35 AM
Paula, great post! Ann Marie has been a woman of action! Look at all the accomplishments in just 8 months! Just think what she will get done in the next 3 years!
Mary Lou Bracciotti March 06, 2014 at 01:45 PM
What a great list of things to build upon! Ann Marie, we like your ideas, your goals, and your spirit. You have brought new energy to this community. Let's keep up the momentum.
C March 10, 2014 at 09:22 AM
Thanks for the post -- Annmarie definitely has my vote! To see what she accomplished in 7 short months is amazing. While Raymie seems like a go-getter, one must wonder exactly why she is running now ??? Especially against a great candidate? I think Raymie should wait for the next open spot to come up -- imagine what TWO women on the board of selectmen would accomplish ? Please vote on 4/1 , for Annmarie , and tell your friends/family to do the same !!!


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