How the MWRA Computes your Sewer Bill - 'Clearly' -

Ladies and Gentlemen: Enclosed is a Color Wheel wiith captions which fairly describes the formula being used by the MWRA to set the Town Of Stoneham's Sewer Bill. ** NOTICE...There is 'no' requirement they want money which gives nutrition to your lawns, pools, gardens etc. I also find a 'point' here which should be entertained in discussion and that is the 'Factor ' of 'Population'..Does the 'number ' of people in a community 'truly ' dictate the True usage ? What if your town has people working in the locale which number 'twice' the amount of Taxpayers ? Are they to 'hold everything all day' until they 'get home' or to the nearest gas Station?...Ridiculous, to be blunt. Changes are needed in applying a little more 'Cerebral Acuity' in these matters. 
The MWRA 'boasts' about how 'clean' Boston Harbor has become because of the 'Filtration' of the 'waste' ( which they also make into Fertilizer Pellets; which we havent' seen 'one free bag' yet)...and the State Government has not given us ( cities and towns in the MWRA system)... one more dollar in Ch. 70 or any fund for 'increasing Tourism for 'without us' ratepayers, there would still be Two Policemen in Boat 'skimming ' the Harbor with a Net in a small Boat as in the early 1960's.. ( I have the Article )....You use 'outside water' ? Then what is 'Fair and Right' and 'What is not on this wheel graph' dictates you have a right to 'separate' that usage and pay the lower rate and as Obama once said... 'Period'....


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