How Does Your Family Celebrate Thanksgiving?

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How Does Your Family Celebrate Thanksgiving?

From Christa Ciccia:

I always remember Thanksgiving being a really big deal around my house.

My mother would spend all week preparing. She would clean the good China, take up the extra chairs and folding tables. She would spend hours baking and cleaning. Now I do it. And I love it.

I enjoy staying home and having the family over to enjoy a day of thanks together. Unlike my mom when she hosted Thanksgiving, I get lots of help. My kids help bake and make veggies with me, and my husband helps with set up and cleans up.

My in-laws bring desserts and veggies too, and my mom helps me clean and dress the turkey. Now that is something to be thankful for.

From Danica LC:

Holiday celebrations for me have been difficult ever since moving away from my family in New York. Once married, they became even harder to coordinate. 

In the past few years we have started alternating Thanksgiving per location every other year. This year we plan to stay here for Thanksgiving Day, and then travel to N.Y. Friday morning for the weekend. I am hoping to have a nice leisurely morning, with a special breakfast. Then we will probably go to my in-laws house and have dinner with my husband's parents and brother. 

My family in N.Y. has a very large gathering on Thanksgiving Day. My mom plans to have a dinner on Saturday for our immediate family, which we will be there for. I love seeing my niece and nephew and my daughter loves playing with her cousins.

From Melisa Thorne:

Thanksgiving has always been my all-time favorite holiday. When I think about Thanksgiving traditions I think of all the happy memories of how I spent the holiday throughout my life.

As a child, I have memories of my mother preparing manicotti and escalrole soup from scratch rather than the traditional Turkey dinner. My mom cooked so well, that no one really missed the turkey. 

My parents both came to live in the United States from Italy after they were married and thus never celebrated Thanksgiving before having children. I remember my sisters and I would watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade, while my mom was busy working her magic in the kitchen. 

I have fond memories of my childhood, seeing my cousins on Thanksgiving night and because we had no school, we would play card games into the wee hours.

Later traditions changed and when I was in junior high and high school on Thanksgiving morning I went the Stoneham Thanksgiving Day football game with my friends. I have great memories of laughing with friends, flirting with the boys and cheering on our team. Stoneham always lost to our Thanksgiving Rival, Reading.

After the game, we would all go back to our homes for the big Turkey Day meal. I remember coming home from the games and my mother having the table already set and the parade was on the little black and white TV she kept in the kitchen. 

And then years later when my friends and I were in college I remember Thanksgiving being a time that everyone came home. At some point during the long weekend, we would all get together and catch up. It was a new tradition, I suppose.

Now that I am an adult, I've made Thanksgiving "my" holiday. On Thanksgiving morning, I have an open house and friends and family are invited to drop in. I serve Mimosas, Bloody Marys and a bunch of snacks. As friends gather and catch up with one another, I am hustling in my kitchen, preparing a traditional Thanksgiving meal. My in-laws spend Thanksgiving with us and they enjoy all of action with friends coming and going. 

Thanksgiving is a time where I pause and reflect on how fortunate I am to have a life filled with longtime friends and an amazing family. I am truly blessed. And for that, I am thankful.


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