Stoneham Residents Handle Snowstorm with Ease

Locals were prepared for the storm that started Wednesday afternoon.

As Stoneham residents are getting ready for spring, Mother Nature had different ideas for the first time in months. Stoneham was hit with more than three inches of snow for the first time in quite a while, but locals dealt with the rare snowstorm with ease.

Stoneham resident Alex Brown has enjoyed winter up to this point due to the high temperatures that have occured in January and February.

“I am happy because the weather that we have been getting in place of the snow has been great for being in the winter season,” Brown said. “Not too often do you see 50-degree weather during the harsh winter months.”

Brown was pleased that he did not have to spend any extra money on winter gear up to this point.

“I usually don’t spend money on shovels, brushes and snow blowers because we already have them at my house, but I have saved on snow gear like gloves, hats and coats,” he said.

Brown recalled his winter experiences in New England.

“Yeah, this small amount of snowfall is the least in all of my memories because when I was little I always remember snow that was almost up to my waist,” Brown said. “This year, we got snow barely up to our ankles.”

Thankful for Little Snow

Christen Butters was extremely happy with the sparse winter that we had.

“Last winter was awful and there was so much snow that accumulated and no where left to put it when shoveling,” Butters said. “I don’t like the snow the same way I did as a kid. Back then, it meant snow days and playing in the snow for hours. As an adult, it just means lots of shoveling and bad driving conditions.”

Butters said she dreads her commutes in the snow but is happy that this year hasn't been too difficult

“Commuting to work was awful last winter because a lot of people don’t know how to drive in the snow so it’s great that we haven’t had to deal with that much this winter,” Butters said.

Butters insisted that she saved more time this winter than money due to the lack of snowfall.

“Last winter, my family and I bought a lot of those supplies and this year, we haven’t needed to even use them,” Butters said. “I do suppose though we did save some money because our shovels and brushes weren’t used and were not worn down, so no replacements had to be purchased.”

Butters loves living in New England, but really dislikes the snow and is looking forward to the warm weather.

“This winter has been amazing and we have had such warm weather and I have loved it,” Butters said. “Some people have actually been wishing for a lot of snow, but if they actually think about the winter last year, I think they would change their minds.”

Locals Love Slow Winters

Stonehamite Daniel Angelosanto is happy with the results of the winter of 2012 thus far and cannot wait for the warm weather to appear.

“I am very happy,” Angelosanto said. “Last winter had enough snow and frigid days for two winters.”

Angelosanto was pleased that he did not have to spend a lot of money during the winter season.

“I saved a lot of money on heating bills,” Angelosanto said.

Angelosanto admitted this is his favorite winter in recent memory due to the low snow accumulation.

“I will always remember this winter as my favorite,” Angelosanto said. “Unless, next winter is even more mild.”

Another jubilant Stoneham resident, Fran Mahoney, has been pleased with the winter entering March.

“I am very happy about this winter as I really hate the cold,” Mahoney said. “We have saved money this winter especially on gas for the snow blower not to mention the mild weather has let us keep the heat low.”

Mahoney agreed with her fellow Stonehamites, stating that last year’s snow accumulation was just too much for one community to handle.

“This winter has been great,” Mahoney said. “Nothing like last year. That was just too much.”


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