Candidates Credentials for Contested Seat for Board of Selectmen

Voters of Stoneham we have an important election this April for the Board of Selectmen.  The seat is once again contested with two candidatesRemember this is not a popularity contest but an important position on the Board for the future of Stoneham.  There are serious issues facing our community with the problems of economic development and smart growth in Stoneham as well as the need for fiscal deliberation.  We need a Selectmen in this case a Selectwoman who has the ability to review and deliberate the best solutions for our town.  She must have a talent for negotiation and seek innovative results to better serve the whole community. 


She must have experience in meeting and dealing with homeowners, parents, seniors, town departments and the business community. She must have managerial skills. So far a review of what has been publicized by each candidate we know the following:

Ann Marie O’Neill

Raymie Parker

17 year resident of Stoneham

12 year resident of Stoneham

Incumbent   7 months to date


Contesting Seat

Worked on Greenway/Bikeway  & will bring to Stoneham $5.5 Million

Involved in youth boards

Started initiative to beautify Stoneham Islands that had been neglected for over 2 years

PTO –Robin Hood Ways and Means

Fought successfully the issuance of beer and wine licenses to local gas stations

Girl Scouts (Cookie Mom)

Requested BOS to take a second look at Stoneham’s Tobacco By-laws

Stoneham Youth Football & Cheer (Cheer Director)

Actively involved in Stoneham’s Drug and Alcohol Coalition to combat drug//alcohol addiction and prevention

Stoneham Softball (Secretary & Coach)

Improved communication between town departments

Have spoken out of the development of the Commons at Weiss Farm and provided significant input at public meetings and letter to Mass Housing.

Lobbied for an Economic Developer for Stoneham

Proponent of revitalizing downtown area, filling empty store fronts and buildings to gain revenue


Employment: these are listed for Town of Stoneham only

High School Cafeteria

Traffic Director

Records Manager of Police Dept.

Strong support to Seniors of Community, Schools and Library


Employment experience:  11 years Vice President of Technology for investment firm of Scudder, Stevens and Clark

Real Estate agent as a multi million dollar producer

Also experience in health care industry






So far this is all we know about both ladies.  In the coming weeks I hope more is stated with a positive approach on each candidate that shows by past experience, current work and volunteerism who is the best choice for the whole community. Remember both are willing to do the job.  The issue is who can do it better for Stoneham.


Anna March 11, 2014 at 08:59 PM
It could be the viciousness candidates are subjected to that prevents more good people from coming forward.
Anna March 12, 2014 at 07:29 AM
Just an observation - the qualities that make a person a great candidate for School Committee also make that person a great candidate for the Board of Selectmen. Both require dedication, determination, committment to finding innovative solutions, and most importantly, a thick skin.
Frank Pignone March 12, 2014 at 05:50 PM
Interesting 'reading'. And its all good spirited debate and individual 'concern'. I know AnnMarie as a fine public servant, working 'very hard' and 'honestly' in a 'very' non political or 'swerved' way. I have not seen many over they years in the Selectman's seat who stand so solidly as 'their own minds'.. I also have heard wonderful things of the work and heart of Ms. Parker who has 'every right' to run for Selectman( woman) ( person) whatever. I feel that 'next year' would have been a far better choice for her candidacy and also better for the community as a whole for 'many' reasons. Most individuals do not have 'any idea' of the issues which come before the Select.... 'people'.. ; the 'contracts', Bonding, Analysis, Budgeting, Site Plans, Building Laws, and just 'keeping track' of the never ending 'Changes' in site plans which seem to never wind up as initially seen or written.Many people who have worked in our town over the years have been historical and often 'Legend' Select'people as June McTaggart, Paul Means, and many more. What may be 'more ' of a 'Conflict' is the relationships of consultants, attorneys, and more with Board Members or Elected Officials I am afraid. At this point, the less all of you get involved with these two fine women's efforts..the better off we all will be. This is by no means or should it be a 'popularity' contest. It is not what this position is all about. If one feels they can serve the town better in the children's organizations or other areas , perhaps that is the best place....for 'now'. I personally believe that if both ladies served on the Board 'Together'...it will be 'Best' for our Town..and again.. .for 'many reasons'... We are Blessed to have this Energy of ladies and candidates in our Community and I do hope the Boston Papers and others are 'equally' open to our populace. We are 'watching' that, and 'shall' speak on that as well.... strongly.
Forrest Rhoades March 12, 2014 at 11:20 PM
Anna, when the lies become the truth, print the lies...are you sure you aren't Karl Rove (you made need to google him)..Parker is being supported by a longtime selectman, a longtime school committee member, and her campaign manager is the daughter of a former long-serving selectmen. Who do you claim is supporting O'Neill? Do you really expect us to believe that Parker wants to change things when some of the biggest obstacles to change are her biggest supporters?


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