[VIDEO] How to Put That Fruitcake to Good Use

Hint: it's not what you think.

No doubt you've been staring at the thing for more than a week now—the fruitcake so-and-so passed off as a gift. Don't hate, it's really a remarkable thing. Fruitcakes last forever and their shelf life is so impressive Roman soldiers carried them into battle. Dense and sugary, they were once considered so indulgent that they were outlawed in Europe.

Today, the fruitcake has a bad rep and is the butt of jokes, but we have a few ways to turn this dust collector into a great treat for the family. Watch this video and change your mind about fruitcake forever.

This article is part of Mix It Up, an editorial series created in collaboration with AOL's Kitchen Daily and Huffington Post. It is dedicated to making the lives of mothers easier through articles, videos and slideshows focused on simple and creative solutions to everyday challenges. From healthy recipes to exciting ideas for a more balanced lifestyle, this section aims to become a resource for moms everywhere. 


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