Jon Needs a New Heart

The following comes from Anne Damphousse and Michael Brennan's GoFundMe page: 

"Jon needs a new heart, but its a long road to transplant. Moving his way up the transplant list and the quality of the heart donations are part of the challenge, but additionally he's dealing with any number of continued health concerns including infections or negative reactions to medicines or treatments. Jon's goal is to have a new heart and return to living a happy healthy life with his family. But as he awaits his new heart, there are many aspects of his care that are not covered by his health insurance. Jon needs your help.

Despite the generosity of friends and family who have previously donated, Jon's bills are still mounting.

Please join us in helping in any way that you are able.

Jon's friends and biggest fans,
Anne Damphousse & Michael Brennan

The History
Since August 2013, Jon has been hospitalized twice because of his lack of heart function as well as complications due to infection and and different medicine reactions. His last hospitalization was for 3 weeks while they stabilized his meds and cleared his blood infection.

During those three weeks, the doctors had to surgically remove all man made support devices from Jon's chest so he could fight off the infection. This means that they also had to surgically reinstall all of the support hardware after the infection cleared. This was a trying time for the family. 

Jon and family live about 35 miles away from the hospital and Jon's youngest (Sam) is 12 years-old. So his wife (Sue) has to juggle work, household and child care with seeing Jon in the hospital. This means that Sue often has to ask others to help with childcare —adding an additional financial and emotional burden. The stress a heart transplantation places on a family is almost unimaginable."


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