NSTAR: Nearly Four Dozen Homes Without Power in Stoneham

As of 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, 45 NSTAR customers in Stoneham were still without power, according to a NSTAR power outage map.

Nearly four dozen NSTAR customers in Stoneham are still without power Wednesday night after Hurricane Sandy hit the area Monday, according to the energy company's website.

Of the 10,585 NSTAR customers in Stoneham, 45 were experiencing power outages as of 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, according to a power outage map on the NSTAR website.

At one point Tuesday, 731 NSTAR customers in Stoneham were in the dark, according to a power outage map.

NSTAR anticipates having power restored to all Stoneham customers by Thursday.

To find out how NSTAR has progressed restoring power to their Massachusetts customers, here is a press statement the company released Wednesday afternoon:

NSTAR has made significant progress restoring power to customers in the wake of the devastation caused by Sandy.  Of the 400-thousand NSTAR customers impacted by Sandy, 95 percent have already been restored, 274-thousand in the first 24 hours. NSTAR crews will continue to work day and night until we’ve restored power to all customers affected by the storm.

“As the large area outages have been restored, our crews are now focusing on the smaller pockets of customers often impacted by heavy tree conditions,” said Werner Schweiger, president of NSTAR Electric, in the statement. “NSTAR community liaisons are in constant communication with designated points-of-contact in each of the communities we serve and are providing answers to questions regarding the restoration effort. We understand that customers are anxious to get their power back, and all crews will continue to work as quickly and safely as possible.”

Important safety information, details on how to contact the company, as well as town-by-town outage and restoration estimates are located on the NSTAR website. The greatest percentage of customers still without power is in communities in the western suburbs of Boston. Crews reported numerous trees down, and spent much of Tuesday assisting municipal workers in the safe clearing of roadways. Line crews and tree trimming crews will continue to restore power to customers around the clock. 

While the restoration effort is underway, NSTAR is urging customers to use extra caution around downed wires and tree limbs, and when using a generator. Customers can follow NSTAR on Twitter @nstar_news or on Facebook for real-time updates. Customers can also access NSTAR’s outage map at nstar.com to see up-to-date outage information about their community, as well as a town-by-town outage report with estimated restoration estimates.


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