Not Again: Snow Makes Subtle Return to Stoneham Region

After yet another coating of snow, the townspeople have had their fill of the white stuff this winter.

It's too early for April Fools jokes, but Mother Nature wasn't kidding on Monday morning as more snow fell in the Stoneham area.

While it may not have been a substantial amount, the fact residents had to clean off their cars and shovel the fresh coat of snow from their driveways and walkways was a routine they didn't want to get back into.

Amanda Chauncy, a recent Salve Regina University graduate, was not in the mood to see snowflakes out her window on Monday morning.

“It was very depressing to see the temperature drop and see snow on the ground after the sun and beautiful weather last week,” Chauncy said.

Chauncy wants to fast-forward from February into the warmer months where she can be on the ocean under the sun.

“I just want it to be summer so I can go on my boat and relax," Chauncy said. "At this point, I will not have to worry about snow for another six months."

Tim Lee, another Stoneham resident, wasn't thrilled about seeing more snowfall. Lee wants more days like last week because he has had enough with this winter.

“After having those beautiful two days last week it gave me hope that we had surpassed the snow season and it made me look forward to more warm weather, but I guess (that) isn't the case,” Lee said. “Enough is enough."

Residents hope this is the last of the snow fall, but this winter has been nothing short of unpredictable. The Boston Red Sox open up the baseball season in less than six weeks, meaning warmer temperatures aren't far off and winter will soon be behind us.


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