News Nearby: Malden Man 'Tested by Lucifer' Charged with Carjacking, Hospitalized

Check out our sampling of stories making headlines in the Stoneham region this week.

Here are some stories making headlines in the Stoneham region this week:



: A Malden man was arrested and charged with attempted kidnapping and attempted carjacking earlier this week, after allegedly attempting to steal three vehicles in the parking lot of a Connecticut hospital. 

The Hartford Courant reports that William C. Palma, 21, was admitted to the hospital after "acting irrationally" on a bus near Vernon, Connecticut. Police told the paper Palma claimed he was being "tested by Lucifer to find his way home." The man was submitted to nearby Rockville General Hospital for treatment. 


: Tragedy was avoided at Medford's Wright's Pond earlier this summer when an unconscious 3-year-old girl was pulled from the water by two other young swimmers and revived by lifeguards, according to city officials.

Semrawit Ghebrelul spent a day in the hospital after the Aug. 17 incident, but has fully recovered. Her rescuers were presented with Keys to the City by Medford Mayor Michael McGlynn Friday.

Sky Trapella, 12, and Sophie Bendoch, 10, were swimming at the city-operated area in the afternoon on Aug. 17 when they noticed a young girl submerged in the water and not moving. Bendoch touched the girl, and she didn't respond. That's when Trapella started shouting for her father, Emanuel.


: A child was taken to Melrose-Wakefield Hosptial after a playmate stuck him with a discarded needle found at Pine Banks Park last week, police confirmed Wednesday.

Melrose Police responded to the scene of the incident and safely disposed of the needle, though responding officers determined the incident took place in the Malden part of the park, Melrose Police Lt. Decroteau said.

Malden Police Capt. Thomas Swanson confirmed the incident but said the department had no official police report for the call.


: The Reading School Committee has set the wheels in motion to begin to provide free, full-day kindergarten for all Reading kindergartners. The committee voted 6-0 Monday to direct school administrators to begin that process.

If the school department provides all-day kindergarten to all kindergartners, the town  in Chapter 70 money, Assistant School Superintendent for Finance and Administration Mary DeLai told the committee last month – if the program is free. Now Reading offers full-day kindergarten as an option. Parents who elect that option pay for half a day of school time.


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