Construction to Impact Haverhill Commuter Rail Line

From Feb. 8-13, commuter rail passengers will see an impact on train schedules due to construction on the Shawsheen River Bridges in Andover.

Editor's Note: The following information was provided by Massachusetts Bay Commuter Rail (MBCR).

Beginning Friday, February 8, at 12:10 a.m. (early Saturday morning) rehabilitation work begins on the Shawsheen River Bridges in Andover. This necessary work will require bussing of Outbound passengers between Reading and Haverhill and of Inbound passengers between Haverhill and Reading on a number of non-peak hour trains through Wednesday, February 13.  


Track Outage Schedule, Monday, February 11 through Wednesday, February 13

Customers using service between Reading and Boston are not affected by this outage.  

Inbound - Passengers will be bussed on from Haverhill, Bradford, Lawrence, Andover, Ballardvale and North Wilmington directly to North Station

Train 214 (Depart Haverhill 9:05 a.m.) 
Train 218 (Depart Haverhill 10:00 a.m.) 
Train 220 (Depart Haverhill 12:00 p.m.) 
Train 222 (Depart Andover 1:25 p.m.) 
Note: Passengers of Train 222 will be bussed from Andover and Ballardvale. 
Train 226 (Depart Haverhill 2:40 p.m.) 
Train 232 (Depart Haverhill 4:30 p.m.) 
Train 244 (Depart Haverhill 10:15 p.m.)

Outbound - Passengers will be bussed from Reading to Haverhill and all stations in between:

Train 205 (Depart North Station 7:35 a.m.) 
Train 209 (Depart North Station 8:04 a.m.) 
Train 213 (Depart North Station 10:30 a.m.) 
Train 215 (Depart North Station 12:20 p.m.) 
Train 217 (Depart North Station 1:10 p.m.) 
Train 223 (Depart North Station 3:00 p.m.) 
Train 243 (Depart North Station 10:35 p.m.) 
Train 245 (Depart North Station 12:10 a.m.) 


Track Outage Schedule, Friday, February 8 through Sunday, February 10

Inbound - Passengers will be bussed from Haverhill, Bradford, Lawrence, Andover, Ballardvale and North Wilmington directly to North Station to include intermediate bus service between stations: 

1208/2208 (Depart Haverhill 10:20 a.m.) 
1212/2212 (Depart Haverhill 1:15 p.m.) 
1224/2224 (Depart Haverhill 10:12 p.m.) 

Outbound - Passengers will be bussed from Reading to Haverhill and all stations in between: 

245 (Depart North Station 12:10 a.m. late Fri night/Saturday morning)

1205/2205 (Depart North Station 8:45 a.m.) 
1209/2209 (Depart North Station 11:30 a.m.) 
1213/2213 (Depart North Station 2:45 p.m.) 
1225/2225 (Depart North Station 11:30 p.m.) 

Delays may occur due to the bus connection. We apologize for any inconvenience as a result of this bridge replacement project. Please check MBTA.com for information and updates. 


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