OWNER of ANDREAS PIZZA is conning people out of getting refunds. read bellow

THE EXPERIENCE I HAD WITH Andrea's Pizza on 498 Main St, Stoneham ACTUALLY MADE ME CRY ANGRY TEARS OF FRUSTRATION. I felt violated and even police were involved. review from yelp:

I wish I had come here and seen the reviews before i ordered but i didn't. I live in Woburn but was at a friends house in Stoneham, we planned a girls night/secret santa and there were 5 of us(dec 20th 2013). We started brainstorming what we wanted to order and where we wanted it from. One girl wanted a CALZONE, and three of us were in the mood for pasta (one wasnt hungry) We ordered from Andreas.

the order was:
1 chix broc alfredo pasta (to be sharred by 2)
1 chix  alfredo pasta with extra sauce (to be eated by one)
1LG buff chix calzone. (she wanted to take the rest to her husband so she got a LG)

When the food arrived and we opened the containers the problems started.
First, both pastas had broccoli when we only asked for broccoli in one AND the pastas were not delicious by any means. The one that had extra sauce was EDIBLE but the other one was dry, bland, boring and not worth the money we spent on it. At one point, everyone's had food delivered that they didn't like and what normally happens is that you call the restaurant, complain and they come take the food back and return your money, no problemo!  NOT THIS TIME, when we called the guy was RUDE to start but it was late so i acted like i didn't notice. When I asked him if he could send one of his drivers to come pick up the food he told me "no, we're closing and we're not coming, if you want you can come here and return it." I WAS APPALLED, I ordered a delivery because i didn't want to go out of the house, i was at a friends house and our time is precious because we all live such hectic lives, if i was up for the drive i would have picked up the food instead of getting it delivered. I told the rude guy on the phone (later i found out it was the OWNER) that I wasn't going and hung up but the way he spoke to me on the phone kept replaying in my head and just couldn't keep it in, specially because this horrible restaurant is just 5 minutes away from my friends house. I took a friend with me and drove to Andreas, when we arrived we told the owner we had called and spoke to him on the phone and we were there to give him his crappy food and get our money back. He proceeded to open the pasta container and saw that we really hadn't eaten it, then he started saying things like, "this isn't right, this is DELICIOUS, this is the best pasta, no one ever complains about my pasta" then   - HERE'S THE PART THAT BLEW MY MIND-

he told us (SO RUDELY) he wasn't going to return our money because "it's not my fault you guys ordered too much food and now u want to return it"  O.O

At no point did we tell him how may people we had at the house, and even if we did, he has no idea how much we're capable of eating. Now this has turned into a full out argument, I'm at Andreas and this guy is SHOUTING at me and my friend from behind the counter making horrible accusations and assumptions. I WAS OUTRAGED and i didn't know what else to do- I called the cops.

When the officer arrived we were waiting outiside, he asked us to explain what was going on and then he would go inside and get the other side of the story. While he was outside getting our version, the owner of the restaurant walked up to the door, opened it and before the officer could ask him to wait inside he smirked, crossed his wrists, stretched out his arms in the cops direction and sarcastically asked the cop to arrest him. HOW CHILDISH AND IMMATURE but it was good because the Cop got to see what we had been dealing with. When the cop was finished with us, he went back inside to speak to the owner. When he returned to us outside he explained that unfortunately, there was nothing he could do, "i can't tell the guy how to run his business. he SHOULD want to do good business but i can't force him." We understood and thanked the kind officer and were on our way. ps. we took the pasta back.

 end of story

I felt like I had a knot in my throat, I felt violated and taken advantage of and that's when i came to YELP. As you all can see, this isn't the fist time this man has done this, there are plenty of reviews here of this horrible man doing the exact same thing to other customers, he has this strict no refund policy that he doesn't advertise but uses to con people into not getting their money back. He comes up with bogus explanations for people wanting to return his food and I WONT HAVE ANY MORE OF IT. I told the cop that now-a-days with all this social media that i could very easily take this into my own hands and that's exactly what i plan to do. I WONT STOP UNTIL I SEE SOMETHING CHANGE. i plan on spreading this review  E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E 

see my review and others from people having this same problem here: http://www.yelp.com/biz/andreas-house-of-pizza-stoneham


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