Twenty-Six Years of Sterling Printing on Main Street

When you drive passed or walk into Sterling Printing, you really don't get a perspective of how big the building is. Sure, you see the storefront area with the counter and a side office. But the back of the shop goes on and on, with large equipment. Owner Ricky Malrani took a few moments to talk about the business and give Stoneham Patch a tour.

How long has his shop been in Stoneham?

The business has been here since 1987.


How did you get involved?

It’s a family business.


O.K., who owned it before you?

My uncle.


When did you take over?

1988. I worked for him for about three or four years. Then I took over slowly, but by 1991, I was the owner. I was the manager in 1988.


So you guys do prints on…?

Everything. Offset, digital, mailing service, promotional products. All kinds of stuff. Shirts. Letterheads, envelopes. We do large format, banners, posters,


Who are your clients?

Corporate lines and some government work. Not a lot. And local business.


I saw you could get campaign signs made here. Do local politicians come in a lot?

Yeah, not often but it does happen.


If someone had no idea what went into printing, what you tell them to describe day to day business?

I would say just call us. Or come over. Because we are local. Just come down and meet us so we could talk about what they need and how they want it done. Working hours are 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. or 6. People come in with and idea and we talk about the design. We set it up and if they approve, we go forth on production and they either pick up or send it through UPS.


And you do all of the printing here in house?

Yes. This is almost a 10,000 square foot facility. It doesn’t look that way from the outside at all.


What’s the average time a project takes?

Well, everyone wants everything in a rush now days. Our turn around time is five days. It used to be two to three weeks, but no one has that kind of patience.


Does that change the quality of the final product?

Not at all. The machines are much better now. Much more is done with computers, so the turn around is fine. People used to do much bigger quantity. Now they do small runs and fast runs. People don’t often know about how the process works. Basically, anything you imagine, I can print on.


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