Readers Tab Hank's Bakery as Most Missed Business in Stoneham

Find out what other former Stoneham businesses also garnered multiple votes.

After more than 30 votes were cast by our readers, Hank's Bakery garnered the most tallies and was tabbed the most missed business in Stoneham.

Of the 32 votes received, Hank's Bakery received five votes to top the list.

"Gay's Flower (and Blossom) Shop and Hanks Bakery - both places knew the meaning of customer service - it was like walking into 'Cheers' - they knew your name and always went out of their way to take care of special orders," wrote reader Laura. Fellow reader Russ added: "Hands down it's Hank's bakery. Real baked goods - not 'Cambridge' upscale."

Finishing in a second-place tie were Ames and General Cinema, as each received three votes. "The General Cinema, as was, not updated," wrote reader Steve G. 

Meanwhile, reader Gloria DeVine voted for Ames, saying, "...not that I was a huge Ames fan, but it was a department store that you could run to for things for the house, holidays, gifts, etc. Now its either go to North Reading for Wal-Mart or Woburn for Target. UGH."

In third place, Dairy Queen, Brigham's, Sunlite Alleys and Cherry Webb & Touraine each received a pair of votes.

jim hurcombe December 17, 2012 at 12:11 PM
they must of forgot bout grants in redstone woolworths and of course where papa gino's sits it was carrolls hamburgers


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