eBay Report: A Long-Ago Police Chief And An Unlikely History Book

From time to time, Wakefield Patch looks at items up for sale on eBay that are connected to the town's past.

Here's a look at some of the latest items connected to Wakefield up for sale on eBay:

The Former Police Chief: Back in 1960, J. Merritt Wensel was the Wakefield Chief of Police. This press photo from that October has a note referring to a “barricade story” that was going on at the time. This image appears to show him in his office

Greenwood, Mass. - This postcard from 1905 has a simple but what I think is a pretty beautiful picture of a tree on an old country-type road. It’s Spring Street, which is still in the Greenwood section of town. This postcard refers to it as being in “Greenwood, Mass.”

It’s Fun To Read The History Of The… Back In 1943, the Wakefield Y created a document entitled “History of the Wakefield Y Men’s Club.” What that history could be, we may never know. All the seller says is that it’s 46 pages long. That’s a lot of history. But hey, when a place is as fun to stay at as they say it is, it’s probably kind of easy to build up tons of anecdotes and leadership changes in a pretty short time.

An Old Local Landmark: The Lord Wakefield may no longer be in town, but its spirit lives on at the Clarion that now occupies that location. This matchbook harkens back to those old days of the Lord Wakefield. In fact, a number of famous celebrities, including the Three Stooges and Don Ameche, were guests there back when the nearby Pleasure Island Amusement Park was open in the 1950s.

Canoeing on Quannapowitt: Here’s another image from the town’s past that I’m fond of, although this one isn’t a photograph. Interestingly, I think this shows an area of the Lake down near the Hartshorne House and the Old Burying Ground where I was recently taking some photos. It would be fascinating to get to see the various boats that have gone out on Lake Quannapowitt over the centuries.

Joe Veno December 24, 2012 at 01:32 PM
Chief Wensel was a great man and a great Police Officer.


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