“You can prescribe yourself lifestyle as medicine. You are the doctor in this case, for yourself and those you love. But as with all doctoring, it requires a skill set. If you don’t have it, you can get it. And frankly, there is no real alternative. No other medicine can do what lifestyle can do, and no one else can practice lifestyle for you. It’s your life, and only you can live it. If you empower yourself- if you acquire the requisite “skillpower” to take lifestyle as your medicine- it will almost certainly be a better life. Healthy people have more fun.”


“That initial study spawned a whole branch of the epidemiologic literature, reaffirming over a span of decades now that lifestyle is by far the best medicine ever conceived - or, if neglected, a source of years lost from life, and life lost from years. Study, after study, after study, after study, after study…has shown that feet, forks, and fingers are nothing less than the master levers of medical destiny. Add to these three the management of sleep, stress levels, and loving relationships in our lives, and the control over our medical destinies is astounding.


And, in tandem with the literature showing how these factors overmaster our fate with regard to chronic disease risk, there is a burgeoning literature showing that they have the capacity to alter gene expression, too. The Genomic Age has served up a powerful insight, albeit not the one we were expecting: DNA is not destiny. To a greater extent, dinner is destiny - because dinner, and lifestyle, can alter the behavior of our very genes. The nature/nurture debate is rather an unfortunate distraction, because we can, in fact, nurture nature.”


My instructors have trained me in “the martial arts lifestyle”.  I have the immense fortune and opportunity to train other human beings in the martial arts lifestyle.  In this 21st Century, how many places do you know that can train you in a process to strengthen your mind and body and teach how will affect all other parts of your life?


What does the martial arts lifestyle entail?


Think of all the challenges we face in modern society whether it be financial, relationship, career, family, social, political, health, spiritual, or purposefulness.


We’re seeing as a society that for most people, neither their family, their formal education, their employer, their doctor, nor their friends have most or all of the answers to adequately address these challenges.


Traditional martial arts training is one of the very few paths that have withstood the test of time when it comes to defending one against an attacker but also against the “attacks” of modern day life.  Most health issues, for example, are caused by lifestyle.  Most financial challenges are caused by one’s strength of will (or lack of will) to take things to another level.


Traditional martial arts training always started with strengthening the human being’s mind and body.  As the mind goes, so goes the body.  Martial arts training teaches the breaking of things, but the highest level practitioners teach how people how to fix things, starting with their mind and body.  Breaking is easy.  Healing is hard.


Traditional martial arts movements is medicinal in how it affects the body to improve circulation, the immune system, respiration, bones and muscles.  You can learn to build your energy, increase your capacity to have more energy and, in the process, take more control over your energy.  Energy is one of things you need to have longevity.


Attitude is everything and it’s one’s mental strength that determines how strong the body will be.  When your mind and body are more positive, your relationships will be more positive.  Your family will be more positive. Your career will be more positive.  You will have the confidence and health to accomplish more and gain greater financial success.  You will feel your life is more purposeful and valuable, and your passion will draw more people into your world, thereby strengthening your community.  Because you feel better, you will have an ability to understand the world and life at a deeper level.


Most people are used to going to different places for these different needs.


The doctors have the medicine.  The gyms have the physical training.  The physical therapists have the rehab skills.  The psychologists and life coaches have the mental strengthening.  The religions have the spiritual counseling.  The colleges offer skillsets.  The financial planners teach a plan to build financial strength.


The martial arts lifestyle allows one to enjoy any other aspect of life because the mind and body are strong.  The lifestyle allows for practitioners to start at any age and adapt the martial arts to any age and physical condition.  There is no practical cap to the amount of information and wisdom one can obtain through this process as the human being, the universe and life’s circumstances are simultaneously complex yet simple in principle.


Martial arts principles gives people the tools to have control over any part of the life, including, as Western medicine is learning, control over one’s genetics.


When most people are surrendering their lives to circumstances and to other forces they feel they have no control over, the time is now to be trained in how to control life by first controlling yourself.



Kind regards,


Bob Lee

Head Instructor

3rd Degree Black Belt



Questions about how martial arts training? Email bob.lee@bodymindsystems.com

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