Finding Serenity in the Yoga Studio

Being a mom and a career woman can be extremely stressful. Your kids aren't the only ones who need a time out.

Imagine a world where there is peace and tranquility: no dirty diapers, no crying babies or any other distractions from the outside world. Such a place exists. Quite a few of them actually, right here in the Stoneham region.

Yoga studios provide the perfect atmosphere for busy moms to escape from their hectic and draining schedules.

Even if it's just for an hour or two each week, the lessons learned with each class could help moms in their everyday lives.

Yoga classes can help people gain control of their thoughts and shutout unnecessary stress. Because there is a certain amount of focus needed for each pose, moms can clear their minds of baby matters and focus on their body positions on their mats.

Many classes encompass important elements of meditation and breathing into their routines. Meditation can help reduce your heart rate and blood pressure, and adopting new breathing patterns can help you feel less overwhelmed.  

The benefits of yoga are not just mental, but physical as well. Yoga is designed to strengthen your body from the core all the way to your fingertips and toes, ultimately improving your overall well-being.

Interested in checking out a class?  Here's a look at some Stoneham area yoga studios: 

and Yoga Classes

Stoneham Senior Center

136 Elm St., Stoneham


969 Main St., Wakefield


Burbank YMCA

36 Arthur B. Lord Dr., Reading


537 Main St., Melrose

425 Walnut St., Lynnfield


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