Stoneham Relaunches 'Beautification Program'

"The goal of this program is to create a partnership between local businesses and our community."

Stoneham. Credit: Patch file photo
Stoneham. Credit: Patch file photo

Stoneham points out that the MassDOT reports that Route 28 in Stoneham sees up to 32,000 cars a day. That means not only are there a lot of people in town looking around, but people driving through - and stopping. 

The town just relaunched its Beautification Program, a way for businesses to boost their visibility by donating money to beautify the town, from landscaping needs to sign updates. 

"The goal of this program is to create a partnership between local businesses and our community."

Read about the program, and options for businesses here. 

Witold Witkowski June 24, 2014 at 10:36 AM
These are silly low prices for what is essentially prime advertisement space.
Spartan94 June 25, 2014 at 11:35 AM
For a one time fee I can have my business on the sign for eternity? And a landscape company will keep it looking beautiful for years to come? Even during the winter months? What a deal.
Tom Boussy June 25, 2014 at 01:25 PM
Hi all, let me address your questions and comments, Witold, Yes, The Main Street islands are a screaming barging, yet we have only sold two sponsorships so far and that was to one company. We are selling eight sponsorships at $ 1,000 each from the China Moon to the CVS. We are also renegotiating the Redstone’s sponsorship in front of five guys. The island in front of the skating rink has four available at $ 1,000 each and no one has sponsored any of them so far although I think we have two interested parties. We do believe we will get them all sold and perhaps after the islands are planted they will be a lot easier to sell. Spartan94 the sponsorships are renewed on a yearly basis. There will be additional maintenance cost next year that will be funded through the sponsorships and all that work will be contracted to a professional landscaping company. The islands have not been maintained for over two years so Stoneham had to make a substantial investment into the islands this year and we are hoping to recoup half the cost as well as saving money on the maintenance (we actually saved $5,000 ripping out the islands instead of cleaning and mulching) as these island sponsorships are sold we hope to be able to replant more islands and sell addition sponsorships and with any luck the payback will be under three years and free up man power to do other projects in town all while making Stoneham a little more beautiful


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