Louise Needs a Caring Home

Will you adopt Louise?

[Editor's note: The following column was submitted by Lots of Love Cat Rescue.]

As the temperature drops and winter takes its frigid hold, cat rescue people don’t sleep well. We hear the wind whipping and worry about the homeless kittens and cats outside. We find comfort in cats like Louise, ones we are able to rescue due to a kind soul who spotted a mom and kittens and never gave up finding help.

The owner never spayed their cat, instead moved and left her behind. So Louise and her siblings were born in a condo complex environment, behind a tall fence in a tangled patch of forest, seeking shelter in the crevices of a cliff.  

Rescued at three months old, Louise’s foster mom has done a wonderful job of showing her that people represent goodness. And now Louise is ready for the next chapter, to be your companion. At about one year old, Louise is sweet, smart and gorgeous with her calico markings. She will be timid at first, but with love and patience, she will accept and shower you with love.

Louise is not much of a talker, just tiny chirps when ready to eat. On the submissive side, she is great with other cats, comes when called, offering leg rubs and enjoys being picked up and loved upon.

With an enduring playful streak, Louise is always ready to chase toys, her favorite: zip ties. Out of four siblings, there are two left; Thelma and Louise - who, unlike the movie, survived the cliff and are waiting for a new journey.   


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