5 Great Summer Reads for Kids

Looking for a book for your little one? Check out these titles.

All Four Stars. Credit: TaraDairman.com
All Four Stars. Credit: TaraDairman.com

It’s not always sand castles, waves and grapes for kids at the beach. Sometimes, young ones just want to soak up the sun next to you and relax. So make sure you have one of these titles in your bag for those moments of serenity at the beach.

Here are some suggestions:

Ages 9-12

All Four Stars — The story of an 11-year-old gourmet chef who is mistakenly contacted by one of the world’s largest newspapers to write a restaurant review, this “scrumptious gem” of a story stars Gladys Gatsby as “New York’s toughest restaurant critic.” Will be released July 10. (Kindle price: $9.78; Hardcover: $12.74; Paperback: Not available)

Dork Diaries 7: Tales from a Not-So-Glam TV Star — Follow the story of Nikki, who is being filmed for a reality TV show. There’s voice lessons, dance practice, recording music, a little sister and a crush. (Kindle price: $8.88; Hardcover: $9.35; Paperback: Not available)

Shipwreck Island — The first in a new series, Shipwreck Island tells the story of Sarah Robinson and her father, who is newly married to a woman with two sons. The family goes on vacation to Tahiti in an attempt to bring everyone closer together. But the vacation soon turns into an adventure no one expected. Will be released July 29. (Kindle price: $9.99; Hardcover: $10.74; Paperback: Not available)

Ages 6-8

The Treasure of the Bermuda Triangle #6 (Agatha: Girl of Mystery) — Join Agatha and her cousin Dash as they go to one of the mysterious places on earth. Will be released July 10. (Kindle price: $5.12; Hardcover: Not available; Paperback: $5.39)

Tony Baloney Buddy Trouble — Meet Tony Baloney and his best friend Bob, who are getting ready for the Books and Buddies night at their local school. But after a fight with his sister, Tony is told he can’t go to the event. What will happen? Find out when the book is released on June 24. (Kindle price: Not available; Hardcover: $6.29; Paperback: Not available)

More book picks:

Ages 3-5

Ages Infant-2

Next week, we’ll take a look at paperbacks perfect for the beach. In the meantime, tell us: What books are you picking up for your little ones this summer?


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