State Senate Candidate Anthony Guardia has huge turnout for fund raiser

Democrat State Senate Candidate Anthony Guardia (middle) with Sandy Festa, Mario Portillo, Chris Casatelli, and Eric Wildman (left to right)
Democrat State Senate Candidate Anthony Guardia (middle) with Sandy Festa, Mario Portillo, Chris Casatelli, and Eric Wildman (left to right)

Wakefield, MA- An overflow crowd packed into the Clarion Inn in Wakefield on Friday night, Feb. 6, to hear Democrat Anthony Guardia, 5th Middlesex State Senate candidate, outline his campaign agenda.

“Everything is not OK in the Commonwealth,” he said. “Our students are graduating from college with unsustainable debt and few viable job prospects to pay that debt down. Our seniors face a daily struggle to pay their bills as the cost of living continues to rise. And our children enter school behind other states because our education system is in desperate need of reform.”

Guardia challenged the more than 200 supporters in attendance to help him in his bid for the Senate seat in the Special Election primary on March 4, 2014. He said his candidacy was motivated by what he has learned in his role as Director of Development at HomeStart, a non-profit dedicated to preventing and ending homelessness. He said the agency “does more with less,” by paying back rent to prevent the much-higher costs of relocating a family once they land in a shelter.

“Long term homelessness costs taxpayers far more,” Guardia said, citing the costs of state-funded hotel and shelter stays. “By working directly with landlords, we are able to keep families, veterans and seniors in their homes at much lower costs.”

Guardia explained that growing up in an Italian immigrant family compelled him to be involved. A former School Committee member, he served as its Chairperson. But he said the promise of each generation exceeding their parents’ accomplishments is becoming more elusive each year.

“My mother came from Italy not speaking English and is now a executive at a bank in Stoneham,” Guardia said. “Issues like college costs, family debt and unemployment put the success of future generations in jeopardy.”

Committed to access to education, Guardia said the need for equity in pre- kindergarten is crucial.

“Futures should not be decided by a lottery,” he said, referring to the process for early childhood classes that now exists in some towns. “Everyone deserves a high-quality, early childhood experience.”

The 5th Senate District represents Wakefield, Malden, Melrose, Stoneham, Reading and part of Winchester. Guardia said he has been knocking on doors in every city and town. “And I hear the same things at every door. Everything is not OK. People are worried about their future.”

Guardia said he and his canvassing team have visited nearly every street in the district, meeting thousands of people who are eager to share their thoughts.

“I rely on them and all of you to help me get to the State House, where I will be beholden only to my constituents; not any lobbying firms or special interest groups, just you, the people of the District,” Guardia said to his supporters Friday night.  

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Contact: Adam Pinkney

Paul John Maisano February 14, 2014 at 10:21 AM
As a former democrat for Congress just last fall, I am pleased to witness another new comer to the political arena, candidate Anthony Guardia, from Wakefield. As I explained to Anthony personally, my support is behind Malden State Representative Chris Fallon for the open state senate seat during this special election cycle. However, if I had the opportunity to vote for two candidates.... my second vote would go to Anthony Guardia. He has displayed a public dedication and willingness to serve the average citizen. Anthony is not attempting to climb a political mountain for personal gain, he is running for the proper reason......the public good!!! Anthony, thanks for your contribution as a candidate from your colleague.... Paul John Maisano


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