Anthony Guardia Excels in State Senate Debate

Democrat State Candidate Anthony Guardia
Democrat State Candidate Anthony Guardia
Wakefield - Anthony Guardia, Democratic candidate for State Senate in the 5th Middlesex District, excelled in the first debate of the special election race. 

The debate, broadcast live on Wakefield Community Access Television on Wednesday, Feb. 12, touched on a wide array of topics, including taxes and local aid.  

Guardia spoke against the indexing of taxes, such as the gas tax, stressing the need for periodic reviews of taxes to ensure their fairness. 

"One of the top priorities for any legislator is to be a good steward of your tax dollars,” Guardia said. “As I go door to door many residents are upset, not simply because their taxes are increasing, but because the gas tax - a regressive tax - goes up, the sales tax goes up, property taxes go up, but at the same time government services aren't improving.  I'm confident I am the only candidate who takes the bus and train every day to work, and if my taxes increase I want to see significant improvement in my services. And that's not happening." 

On local aid, Guardia professed the need for reforming the formula for local aid, which sees towns like Wakefield, Stoneham and Melrose get $3 to $4 million less than similar communities. 

"My opponents want to create a commission to study the issue,” Guardia said. “While the issue is being studied, teachers are being laid off, police, fire, and public works are suffering, and seniors are seeing their property taxes increase to the point where they can no longer be independent.  The time is now to reform local aid so that each community receives their fair share." 


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