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Bob Lee April 19, 2014 at 05:51 PM
Remember to have your friends, family, and neighbors attend our World Tai Chi Day event nextRead Moreweekend . Children are welcome to attend. You are welcome to RSVP at bob.lee@bodymindsystems.com or at 781-279-1400 so we can greet you personally!
Frank Pignone April 19, 2014 at 09:16 PM
FranK: Town meeting will proceed as normal, motions will be made on every article. The motions canRead Moreb e amended and the amendment would be voted on. "....... Paul: The above is your own quote. These so called 'Amendments' made at Town Meeting. The ultimate 'vote' at Town Hall is , as you say, made 'secretly' . This procedure is no doubt made as to your concern of people's 'Fear, intimidation'.. and all the other terrifying circumstances you 'sense' in the lack of attendance... Now, just 'how' does an 'Amendment' get 'offered'....unless someone 'gets up' to speak of the 'changes or additions'... ? And then, how do they get 'passed' or 'voted down.. WITHOUT A 'VOTE' ?.. We have a Fine Moderator but I do not think he reads 'Minds' ( or does he ?. lol..)......What is 'truly not' clear is how do the amendments to the article go to Town Hall ? How were 'they' voted on Paul ?And how in the World do you know the Amendment to the Main Motion won or lost...?... Paul: If you would .. : Just pretend , on this blog: That you get up to 'Amend' a Main Motion ?...Then 'what happend from that point.. because right now.. I'm going to get a glass of wine and wait for you to write and then I'll read it.. !. - The Main Motion gets read 2.- Paul Rotondi gets up to Amend the Main Motion 3.- OK.. You're on.. Go...
Paul Rotondi April 19, 2014 at 11:18 PM
Ok Frank in simple terms: I get up and make a motion: Frank gets up and offer an amendment. There Read Moreis a discussion on the amendment. Then Citizen A gets up to move the question. The Moderator calls for a vote. There is a voice vote and the moderator says the amendment passed. We now have an amended motion. That amended motion get on the ballot to be voted on by any registered voter a week latter at the town clerk counter in the Town Hall. enjoy your wine
Frank Pignone April 19, 2014 at 11:35 PM
Just what I wanted you to write.. Perfect. Now, IF we have the courage, and the lack of 'fear' orRead Morein timidation to 'discuss', pros, cons, in the 'open'... then what is the 'difference' then in continuing on and vote for the Main Motion. ?..... You just mentioned yourself..that there would be a 'Discussion', and then a 'Voice Vote'... right out in the Open.. So Paul : the whole town now wants to know...Why are you doing this ?..... " Citizen A'....gets .........'UP'.. to make a Motion.. Then Citizen A through Z.. gets to 'VOICE' VOTE.... .So that having been 'done'....Why in the World can't we just 'Finish' the Main Motion. ? I look forward to hearing your and others who support you on this Paul. If I hear and understand anything within your mind on this which benefits our Town; I'm for it. But as of right now as I've aided you in bringing to fruition a 'Vivid Example' of how these 'Amendments' are done ; I just don't see any 'power' in the purpose. Thank you for your efforts as you put so much time of your life on behalf of your community as has your whole family. Blessings to you all for a Fine Easter Season Paul.
Paula B Sarno April 17, 2014 at 09:51 AM
Beware residents of Stoneham that on May 5th at town meeting there are several warrant articlesRead Morethat will depreciate your property if we have no enforcement regulations under our zoning laws. See the warrant article for consideration regarding Article 16 by the Board of Selectmen . Under the revised ruling of Ch 15 Sec. there will be no fine for unregistered vehicles on property. Abutting neighbors of the black hole on Franklin St be warned and show up at town meeting. For your review you can see all warrant articles on the Stoneham Gov. web site.
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