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Frank Pignone April 13, 2014 at 05:18 PM
Ms. Walsh: A few things I am preparing are all the figures for the last ten years whichRead Moreinclude: 1 .- The Amounts of Water Sent to our town each year. 2- The Amounts of 'Bills' ( which will compute the cost per 'Million Gallons each yea) 3.- The Amount of the Sewer Bills each year 4.- The amount of 'sewerage and wastewater' the Sewer bill is based on. 5.- To allow the citizens to 'realize' our bills are 'based on' the 'PREVIOUS YEARS ' usage. 6.- A note on how 'KRAFT FOODS' 'USAGE'.......CAN HAVE a Great Effect on our Bills as the 25 Year Contract somehow.. has NO GUARANTEED 'usage ' which I believe was a Terrible Legal 'Blunder' and has, at least a few times.. Burned us badly when they had a high usage one year..and then used much less the following leaving us with A DEFICIT ! ... 7.- All of the 'End of Year' Reports on Town Usage for each set of meters as 'Residential, Business, Governmental, 'Unmetered and 'Unaccounted' for water..... 8. - Clarification of 'IF' the Government is paying the full 'RETAIL' Rate as 'we are' ?.... ( I think not.. ) 9.- A 'full list' of 'ALL' the 'Town Employees' and amounts which have been 'Extracted' off of the Property Taxes and placed onto the Water and Sewer Bills... 10- Hopefully Dealing with the question *** 'When these Town Employees went on the Water Bill- were 'these amounts' then replaced with 'new ' Expenses ? and if so..........Were we the people 'victims' of an 'illegal' Override ?........WE 'need that 'Question answered........!
Frank Pignone April 13, 2014 at 05:28 PM
In 2004, the Town 'raided' the Water and Sewer 'Surplus' account to pay its bills ! They then 'fell Read Moreshort' in funding the MWRA because of 'KRAFT' Foods using Wells on their property. HERE.. below DATED .......2003 on how easily KRAFT can 'hurt us' with NO Guaranteed Usage... Remember. this is 10 years ago. and we are probably behind again due to this company's '25 year 'Ridiculous' Contract'......They pay only 25% above the MWRA 'raw rate'.....without the 'loads' of the Town Employees and Benefits.. Please read this brief 'point'...of the 'Raid'.......... "Money from ratepayers goes to pay for the contracted amount of water from the MWRA and to operate and maintain the water and sewer system. But two things happened to alter this scenario. First, Kraft Foods began drawing more water from a well they installed in Woburn and using less MWRA water."
Frank Pignone April 14, 2014 at 02:30 PM
I have Ten full years reports of 'every drop' of 'usage' in Stoneham coming to me. I am 'very'Read Moreconce rned of the year 2009 when the 'gallonage' somehow went up to the heavens..!... We'll see.....I've spoken with people at the DEP, MWRA..and and others about the 'computations ' of the Water and Sewer' , outside metering, and adding 'Town White collars workers as part of the water and sewer bills and then 'replacing those portions'.. with 'new hires' or other expenses as......a '"blindsided Override'..........and hope the State can get to study the 'legality' of that exercise.. I just wish the Motor Vehicle Excise Tax Question had 'never been' on the Ballot !..... We'd have about 5 million dollars more than we have now each year and it would be cheaper than all these damn fees, and 'manipulative' systems which haunt our brains....and have us at each others throats. Using your flexibility of your 12 part Auto Policy... by 'Seasonal coverage'.. the Excise tax 'increase' could have been 'Free'.... .........That is... DO you need 'Collision ' and 'High Bodily Injury and 'rental' when you leave a car or more in the driveway...? I think not...'Reduce them, with your agent during that time..!! And you'll save enough money to pay for the 'added' Excise tax......and you'd pay NO Trash Fees !!...and maybe NO SPORTS FEES.......... $ 5 MILLION.. we 'lost' during the vote for PROPOSITION 2 1/2.......We 'old men'...'Remember'...and want you all to have the same benefits we had as young parents.. We sympathize with what you all have to pay...and we are going to fight for you..and your children.......' Frank'.......
Representative Jason Lewis April 15, 2014 at 10:57 AM
Hi all. I'm glad to hear of your interest in supporting our cities and towns through local aid. I Read Morewanted to clarify some of the facts surrounding this issue, however. The House and the Senate agreed on a joint resolution earlier this week establishing the amounts for Chapter 70 and unrestricted local aid for the FY15 budget, which includes significant increases for our cities and towns in both of these major local aid accounts ($100 million increase in Chapter 70 and $25 million increase in unrestricted local aid). These are the largest increases since the great recession. This joint resolution early in the budget process helps our cities and towns tremendously in their own fiscal planning for FY15 since it gives them greater certainty earlier in the process. As is usual at this time, the House passed a standard budget order last week establishing the process for filing amendments to the budget and prohibited further amendments concerning local aid since these amounts had already been established and agreed upon by the House and Senate.
Patricia April 15, 2014 at 11:16 AM
Mr Lewis. by blocking any further amendments concerning local aid, Beacon Hill has done somethingRead Mores eldom done before. As I understand it, there will be no changes in any of the entitlement programs. Seems to me if you guys don't care about waste, you must think you've enough money! In that case, I expect to not hear about any slights or shortages in this years budget. We must be rolling in the money!
Frank Pignone April 15, 2014 at 12:10 PM
Senator Lewis: In this 'public forum' ; Would you care to 'agree' that with the 'Comparative'Read Morewealth categories of Winchester vs. Stoneham ; Stoneham should be receiving 'more Ch. 70 funds' than Winchester ?... Yes or No please sir?...Thank you and I wish you good luck in your new position and we look forward to your creativity, strength and 'individuality' as well as 'Independence' which shall be fairly 'Crystalline ' in nature. I also look forward to learning about that phone you use to recommend our Town Candidates you favor ( Pretty much 'party lines?)..and also share with our Elected Members , and Kate Clark.. ( also among party lines ? )....781 438 4426... registered to Stoneham Citizen but we cannot call it back...Can the 'Do not Call' list for Robo calls be 'respected'..?.. Thank you and once again. Congratulations and Godspeed sir. Frank Pignone
Frank Pignone April 11, 2014 at 04:22 PM
'Lexington has implemented a policy that allows installation of a second meter for outdoorRead Morewatering. Water consumed through this meter is only charged a water rate. There have been approximately 3,316 irrigation meters installed to date.' ( Smart, 'very smart'.. 'Fair and Right' to the Ratepayers.......)
Frank Pignone April 11, 2014 at 04:28 PM
The SEWER Pipes which carry Stoneham's 'Waste' to the MWRA Treatment Plant have 'Sensors' inRead Morethem... which 'calculate' 'how much' to bill next year based on these 'amounts' from the 'sensors'............NO WATER on your Tomatoes... ever saw a 'Sensor'........or anything else in your yard either ! ....So, If our Water hits no sensors in the Sewer.........STOP BILLING US ...and 'rid us' of this 'Curse'. We as taxpayers and voters, through Elections and Appointments can get...........RID... of what ails us 'also'... Just sayin'........Kapeesh ?..
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