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Bob Lee April 19, 2014 at 05:51 PM
Remember to have your friends, family, and neighbors attend our World Tai Chi Day event nextRead Moreweekend . Children are welcome to attend. You are welcome to RSVP at bob.lee@bodymindsystems.com or at 781-279-1400 so we can greet you personally!
Russ April 19, 2014 at 04:05 AM
The current moderator has taken responsibility for the town meeting. No longer will a few specialRead Morein terest groups congregate at the front of the town Meeting to dictate to town meeting attendees. This change clearly offends those who have put this town in a precarious state. The substantive issue is encouraging better attendance at town meetings. Once residents learn that they can have a say in town government they will turn out. We are well on the way to achieving this end.
Frank Pignone April 19, 2014 at 11:48 AM
Russ: I just printed your response . I'm going to place them into an appropriate and attractiveRead MoreFram e and place it onto my Kitchen Wall so they can view those precious words to celebrate a far different Way of Life and Expression in this fine New England town we care for so deeply. Well Said my Friend..Well Said. ' .........Let's Roll......'
Frank Pignone April 19, 2014 at 06:01 PM
Hello Paul: Just wanted to 'follow up' on your ' Secret Ballot' Procedures requirement on Voting on Read Morethe 'Amendments' to Articles if your suggested idea is in place. And I mention the below points Paul in part due to my Arthritic and replaced knees and a back which has seen enough surgery, pills, ointments and massage which has cost enough money so far to fund a month of our Town's Expenses. So.. you wish 'Secret Ballots' on these 'Amendments' I hear you. Now, see if I have this correct: A 'Secret Ballot is called for the Amendment, and also the Amendments on the Amendments if 'applicable'. And then the Main Motion shall be done by us all going to Town Hall as well as those who did not attend due to the 'Vote' Results which usually means the Main Motion the same as the Last 'Secret Ballot. Now, in order for me and the others to vote at Town Meeting, I have to raise up from my seat and shuttle to the left or right and 'Get in Line'... and I don't know how 'long' it is going to take to obtain my ballot... walk across the stage after climbing those stairs.. and taking my seat . Then the Town Clerk and her aide have to 'count' those votes as we 'Wait' and 'Chatter'...Now the Moderator says we not have to vote on the Amendment itself now that the 'Amendment to the Amendment' is finished. Then, once again, I have to raise up from my seat, and 'Get in line' ........'Again'... Cast my ballot, walk across the stage, while the Town Clerk and her Aide counts the 'Vote'...and for the 'Moderator' to announce it. The Results are then given to the Town Clerk who now compiles this Vote with any others to be printed and await the voting at Town Hall....... This 'repeated' and to me, I know 'Painful' experience could be again done several times throughout the Evening ; perhaps 3 to 5 times. Paul , I have a Thought or another 'Idea' for you. SINCE there is a 'Secret Ballot' going on right 'Then'...Wouldn't if be a cool idea if the people could get ONE pieces of paper with ALL THE AMENDMENTS and MAIN MOTION and Vote on......ALL THREE......at the same time ? We would have 'Backstage' a Table with separate 'Containers' which read... " Amendment - The Another 'Amendment to Amendment'...and then finally 'Main Motion'... ? This shall the purpose of disabling the events of Several Trips to the 'Secret Ballot Box One of your arguments you present with is that the Town Meeting shall be Shorter, or 'Get Done Sooner'...I'm not sure Paul... but it does not seem so with the time it takes for these Secret Ballots. I believe with 'new ideas' , even as the Boston Regional projects...and too often in our quaint Town of New England, there should be Far More practical 'visualization' than the idea.... You and I are both Army Men who learned about Map Reading in the Service........You can Draw all the 'Maps' you wish - all those 'lines' , so smooth, colorful, and easy on the eyes. And then you often go out to an area the 'Map' is 'Based On'....and suddenly realize that the MAP and the 'ACTUAL TERRITORRY' are - vastly 'Different'. The Map did not have all the Rain, Wind, Cold, Hot, Obstacles, Mud, and more that the 'Pretty Map' had in that Classroom ....... The Map - and the Territory I believe as Here in your idea may be 'completely' Different. I do however, commend and thank you for taking an aggressive part in trying to make ou Town a better one. I salute you for all your years of Service.
Paula B Sarno April 17, 2014 at 09:51 AM
Beware residents of Stoneham that on May 5th at town meeting there are several warrant articlesRead Morethat will depreciate your property if we have no enforcement regulations under our zoning laws. See the warrant article for consideration regarding Article 16 by the Board of Selectmen . Under the revised ruling of Ch 15 Sec. there will be no fine for unregistered vehicles on property. Abutting neighbors of the black hole on Franklin St be warned and show up at town meeting. For your review you can see all warrant articles on the Stoneham Gov. web site.
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