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Paula B Sarno April 17, 2014 at 02:57 PM
Mr. Rotondi you have a valid argument about changing the protocol of Town Meeting and consideringRead MoreSe nate Bill 2 (SB2) as currently used in New Hampshire. However you failed to state that there is still much controversy in this form of government. Since 1995 when SB2 was first introduced in NH there has been ongoing problems with it and arguments about changes regarding amending warrant articles etc. See the latest article in February 2013 in the Union Leader over problems with SB2 http://www.unionleader.com/article/20130217/NEWS0612/130219241 I believe the problem lies in lack of educating the residents of our community on what the different warrant articles presented at Town Meeting will do if approved. It is the responsibility of every resident to preserve their right to vote and to educate themselves on how their town operates. Citizens cannot make educated choices without proper communication of what the warrant articles will do. Recent changes have made some in roads to improve communication and awareness by the Stoneham Government web site that provides all the warrant articles to be presented at Town Meeting. We also have individuals such as yourself providing opinions but we need also representatives from our town spreading the word to groups by word of mouth such as presenting seminars at the Senior Center, the Library and other public venues on what happens at Town Meeting and explaining in “user friendly English” what each warrant article means. Maybe then our Town Meetings will be more effective with less long deliberations.
Paul Rotondi April 17, 2014 at 04:02 PM
Mr. Wtkonski: I understand your concern. The default Language budget in the motion will beRead Moreslightly different from the warrant. The default budget will be set by a meeting between the School committee, Board of Selectmen and finance board after a public hearing. Each board will have one vote. The budget can not exceed the original budget motion budget. The town policies require that the original budget motion has to be submitted by the Selectmen and be a balanced budget, therefore you can't have an unbalanced budget. It must be noted that the resort to a default budget has only happened a couple of time in NH and a very rare occasion. With respect to the Opponents talking about problems in NH with some articles, there have been some rare problems that have been resolved through the courts, but Again not one town in NH has voted to repeal this process even though some special interest groups have brought it to a vote in some towns.
Frank Pignone April 18, 2014 at 08:20 PM
Hello Paul : I 'do' see what you are 'trying' to accomplish here; especially those of us who haveRead Morebe en through the loud , prankish, programmed, embarrasing, pre-planned, booing, put-downs, 'crowding out', limiiting, and other tactics many of us had to put up with over the years. I remember the days of the 'Quorums', having to go into the 'Clubs' and try to get the patrons enjoying a few to come and vote.. and even one evening when the Moderator invited.........'Big Bird' ( yes, folks it really happened ).. Yes I do see what you are trying to do Paul as Town Meeting 'does' still need some improvements. As to your present idea Paul; I think, for the moment and lauding you for at least 'giving it a go'..I have some concerns about possible One or Two Hundred ( or more) people have to come to Town Hall and 'cast their vote. The first 'image' I have is : Where are the votes to be case ?.. Shall people go to the Auditorium as in Elections of Candidates ?..Do you expect them to go to the Town Clerks' in the middle of their 'work day ' on top of their present work Paul ?.. You mention the purpose of this idea is because 'people are fearful to speak' and the articles come with 'final' articles which have already have 'Amendments'?... Paul, just who then, 'spoke and voted , on these 'Amendments?...I don't think I have a clear picture of how this all happened in the face of this 'protective' Secrecy. I would also like to see some 'Identification' on voters in our Town as well. I do not believe Paul, that this is the 'same' type scenario as 'Absentee' balloting or the 'same procedures'. This number of people at Town Hall in the Hallways, to say nothing of the Parking lots during work hours may 'disrupt' the days fluent flow of regular business. Town Hall usually closes at 4 PM or so Paul ?.. What happens at 5 minutes to 4.. 30 people are still waiting to vote...?...Do Maria and her Staff have to say or want to? They are 'human beings also' and have to get home, prepare their evening and be with their families. I believe your heart is in the right place; however I offer the above, not to 'eliminate it or shoot it down; for historically , 'I have been there' with the 'Village Thugs'...But Now, that we have what I feel, to be the 'Asbolute' Best Moderator we have had in the History of our Town, at least since I've been here, I say give him a chance to 'smooth things' out for the way you are thinking. Paul, when you and I were kids growing up, we did not have to worry, as when Town Meeting met in the the 1940's and 50's, when our Mom put on a pretty dress, shoes, and hat along with Dad putting on a suit, shined his shoes, with a shirt and tie as well as 'hat'..........We KNEW where they were 'Going'....and if those 'thugs' I mentioned upset the speakers ?.. .I dare say , the 'whole community' , during the week, shopping and church going, would shun them as a 'Dead Skunk' on the sidewalk.'........Good luck my friend........'Lefty'..... P.S. ( Leave the Finance Board, the way it is... Fine men and Women...and give them credit for being individual, and aren't there to give their hours away.. Let's move to make the Planning Board and Appeals with 'Term Limits'.. and 'Televised'.. and then, we'll be doing 'something' to make the Town a far Better One'...and the others who are Televised now..Term limits there are necessary also...This year, is a good place to begin.. I would also enjoy offering the idea of a 'Board of Building Inspecting' ( Elected)....and to bring back some sort of Board of Public Works as well..as the 'Complexities and Formulations' now make that area 'necessary ' now.. The Library and Assessors, being not so much a Political 'area'.. they can stay as they are...Everything does need 'Shining', only the 'Rusty' Parts........
Paula B Sarno April 17, 2014 at 09:51 AM
Beware residents of Stoneham that on May 5th at town meeting there are several warrant articlesRead Morethat will depreciate your property if we have no enforcement regulations under our zoning laws. See the warrant article for consideration regarding Article 16 by the Board of Selectmen . Under the revised ruling of Ch 15 Sec. there will be no fine for unregistered vehicles on property. Abutting neighbors of the black hole on Franklin St be warned and show up at town meeting. For your review you can see all warrant articles on the Stoneham Gov. web site.
Frank Pignone April 13, 2014 at 05:18 PM
Ms. Walsh: A few things I am preparing are all the figures for the last ten years whichRead Moreinclude: 1 .- The Amounts of Water Sent to our town each year. 2- The Amounts of 'Bills' ( which will compute the cost per 'Million Gallons each yea) 3.- The Amount of the Sewer Bills each year 4.- The amount of 'sewerage and wastewater' the Sewer bill is based on. 5.- To allow the citizens to 'realize' our bills are 'based on' the 'PREVIOUS YEARS ' usage. 6.- A note on how 'KRAFT FOODS' 'USAGE'.......CAN HAVE a Great Effect on our Bills as the 25 Year Contract somehow.. has NO GUARANTEED 'usage ' which I believe was a Terrible Legal 'Blunder' and has, at least a few times.. Burned us badly when they had a high usage one year..and then used much less the following leaving us with A DEFICIT ! ... 7.- All of the 'End of Year' Reports on Town Usage for each set of meters as 'Residential, Business, Governmental, 'Unmetered and 'Unaccounted' for water..... 8. - Clarification of 'IF' the Government is paying the full 'RETAIL' Rate as 'we are' ?.... ( I think not.. ) 9.- A 'full list' of 'ALL' the 'Town Employees' and amounts which have been 'Extracted' off of the Property Taxes and placed onto the Water and Sewer Bills... 10- Hopefully Dealing with the question *** 'When these Town Employees went on the Water Bill- were 'these amounts' then replaced with 'new ' Expenses ? and if so..........Were we the people 'victims' of an 'illegal' Override ?........WE 'need that 'Question answered........!
Frank Pignone April 13, 2014 at 05:28 PM
In 2004, the Town 'raided' the Water and Sewer 'Surplus' account to pay its bills ! They then 'fell Read Moreshort' in funding the MWRA because of 'KRAFT' Foods using Wells on their property. HERE.. below DATED .......2003 on how easily KRAFT can 'hurt us' with NO Guaranteed Usage... Remember. this is 10 years ago. and we are probably behind again due to this company's '25 year 'Ridiculous' Contract'......They pay only 25% above the MWRA 'raw rate'.....without the 'loads' of the Town Employees and Benefits.. Please read this brief 'point'...of the 'Raid'.......... "Money from ratepayers goes to pay for the contracted amount of water from the MWRA and to operate and maintain the water and sewer system. But two things happened to alter this scenario. First, Kraft Foods began drawing more water from a well they installed in Woburn and using less MWRA water."
Frank Pignone April 14, 2014 at 02:30 PM
I have Ten full years reports of 'every drop' of 'usage' in Stoneham coming to me. I am 'very'Read Moreconce rned of the year 2009 when the 'gallonage' somehow went up to the heavens..!... We'll see.....I've spoken with people at the DEP, MWRA..and and others about the 'computations ' of the Water and Sewer' , outside metering, and adding 'Town White collars workers as part of the water and sewer bills and then 'replacing those portions'.. with 'new hires' or other expenses as......a '"blindsided Override'..........and hope the State can get to study the 'legality' of that exercise.. I just wish the Motor Vehicle Excise Tax Question had 'never been' on the Ballot !..... We'd have about 5 million dollars more than we have now each year and it would be cheaper than all these damn fees, and 'manipulative' systems which haunt our brains....and have us at each others throats. Using your flexibility of your 12 part Auto Policy... by 'Seasonal coverage'.. the Excise tax 'increase' could have been 'Free'.... .........That is... DO you need 'Collision ' and 'High Bodily Injury and 'rental' when you leave a car or more in the driveway...? I think not...'Reduce them, with your agent during that time..!! And you'll save enough money to pay for the 'added' Excise tax......and you'd pay NO Trash Fees !!...and maybe NO SPORTS FEES.......... $ 5 MILLION.. we 'lost' during the vote for PROPOSITION 2 1/2.......We 'old men'...'Remember'...and want you all to have the same benefits we had as young parents.. We sympathize with what you all have to pay...and we are going to fight for you..and your children.......' Frank'.......
Frank Pignone April 16, 2014 at 11:14 AM
Good Job Paul : And we are two Democrats. We just don't want the same old 'hacksmanship'...takingRead Morepe ople for 'granted' because we can't perhaps 'analyze' the 'tangle' in the line and aren't to untie the 'knots' of the 'twisted speeches. Those days are..........'over' for 'Hacksmanship' and young men and women who believe 'Free Enterprise' is a 'Battleship' moored in Fall River. I'd enjoy him take a look at our 'miseries' as the Water and Sewer Bills which is 'the 'Main Purpose' of ' Cleaning Boston Harbor...NOT Water! and 'Spread' this Cost ( at least the Sewer Portion)...across the state !!'Boston Harbor' is a part of Boston and a heavy percentage of 'Boston Amenities and Recreation, are funded 'State Wide'...The Cleaning of Boston Harbor should be also. 'EVERY' Employee who works in this town and lives elsewhere 'should be' paying a 'surtax' to give to our Town as their 'contents of body' IS GOING INTO OUR SEWER !!....... 45% OF THE ' Sewer ' Tax is based on 'Population of only 22,300 'Residents'.. but the 'product in the pipe' is also from 'thousands more'.. who work 'here'...IT IS TIME.. TO GET 'all of this Water and Sewer Facts and Figures ( Hopefully in May...and not April ! I need time to get these papers I have to the Selectmen...........A Billion Gallans a year come here.... WE only meter 88 per cent of it.. 12 per cent we don't know where the hell it went... 50 per cent 'only' is RESIDENCES....KRAFT Foods, Industry, Commercial and Retail, and Government are the rest. HOMES number 5775 Meters...So to 'cancel an 'outside meter' so viciously.. LEARN THE DAMN SYSTEM first and then you'll see that it is wrong..
dan April 16, 2014 at 06:23 PM
Mr. Senator, Salem news silence of theRead Moresheep-on-Beacon-Hill http://www.salemnews.com/opinion/x144504 6281/Our-view-The-silence-of-the-sheep-on-Beacon-Hill
Paul John Maisano April 17, 2014 at 09:27 AM
Mr. Senator, Nice to speak with you at our chance meeting at Stoneham Cable TV last evening. Thanks Read Morefor stating you are willing to publicly supply the specific information on the local aid numbers for each of the cities/towns within your district. No, I won't be calling your office, as you requested, to ask questions, or get answers. Mr. Senator, by making a number of public commitments during your campaign, specifically to our local aid issues, you must deliver the goods. The people who voted for you believed in your words. Only a few days later your vote was in direct opposition to your campaign propaganda. I CALL THAT A LIE !!! Let's stop the high school excuses.....please. As a so-called experienced legislator, you promised to 'deliver the bacon' to our district. Where's the beef? Please publicly disclose the real facts......we can handle the TRUTH. The bitter truth, is more palatable....... than the sweetest LIE! We, the voters of the district, await your public response. Regards Paul Maisano
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